The extracts that form this little volume are gleaned from a well-known Puritan work, written by William Gurnall and published in , entitled, "The Christian in. The Christian in Complete Armour;. A Treatise. Of the Saints' War against the Devil: Wherein a Discovery is made of that grand Enemy of God and his People. William Gurnall . An English puritan, preacher and author: his work on the armor of God is outstanding. Today, many Christians are turning back to.


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Compare not yourself, with those that have william gurnall than yourself — but look on those that have far exceeded you. To look on our inferiors occasions pride. Looking on others more eminent than ourselves, will both preserve humility, and be a spur to diligence.

William Gurnall

A man william gurnall be very zealous in prayer and painstaking in preaching — and all the while pride is the master whom he serves, though in God's livery. It is hard starving this sin of pride — it can live on almost anything! Nothing so base, that a proud heart will not be lifted up with — and nothing so sacred, but pride will profane it.

So far as pride prevails, the man prays and preaches rather william gurnall be thought good by others — rather to enthrone himself than Christ, in the opinion and hearts of his hearers.

The Christian in Complete Armor

Remember, Christian, when you have your best suit on, william gurnall made it, who paid for it. Your grace, your comfort, is neither the work of your own hands, nor the price of your own desert; be not for shame, proud of another's cost. If once like Hezekiah we call in spectators to see our treasure and applaud us for our gifts and blessings — then it is high time for God to send some messengers to carry these away from us, which carry william gurnall hearts from Him.

Pride of gifts william gurnall the receiving of good from others. Pride fills the soul, and a full soul will take nothing from God, much less from man.

William Gurnall (1617-1679)

Joseph's coat made him finer than his brethren — but william gurnall all his trouble; thus great gifts lift a saint up a little higher in the eyes of men — but it occasions many temptations which you meet not with that william gurnall kept low.

What with envy from their brethren, malice from Satan, and pride in their own hearts — I dare say none find so hard a work to bear up against those waves and winds.


While you are priding in william gurnall gifts — you are dwindling and withering in your grace. Such are like corn that runs up much into straw, whose ear commonly is light and thin. Grace is too much neglected, where gifts are too highly prized; we are commanded to be clothed with humility.

Pride kills the spirit of praise: Pride destroys Christian love, and stabs our fellowship with the saints to the heart.

William Gurnall Quotes (Author of The Christian in Complete Armour)

A proud man has not room enough to walk in company, because the gifts of others he thinks stand in his way. Pride so distempers the palate, that it william gurnall relish nothing that is drawn from another's vessel.

Pride loves to climb up, not as Zaccheus, to see Christ — but so that others may see himself! The humble william gurnall may have Satan at his right hand to oppose him; but be sure the proud man shall find God Himself there to resist him.

William Gurnall / 13 titles, 21 vols. | PRDL

We must either lay self aside — or God will lay us aside. A proud sinner and a humble Savior will never agree! Christ is humble and lowly, and so resists the proud — but gives grace to the humble.

Tell some of adding faith to faith, one degree of grace to another — and you shall find they have more mind to join house to house, and lay field to field. Their souls are athirst — but not for Christ or Heaven — it is earth, earth, they never think they have enough of, until death comes and stops their mouth with a shovelful dug out of their own grave!

The canker and rust of our gold and silver, which is gotten with harder labor than is required here, will rise up in judgment against william gurnall, and say, "You could drudge and trudge for us that are now turned to rust and dust — but could walk over the field of the Word, where an incorruptible william gurnall lay, and would lose it rather than your sloth!

Is it wisdom to lay out so much on your tenement which you are leaving, and forget what you must carry with you? Before the fruit of these are ripe which you are now planting, you yourself may be rotting in the grave: Men are very kind to themselves: