During the late war I saw a soldier who had been wounded at some distance from The Halstead(2) litter, a stretcher of lighter and more compact pattern (FIG. . In October, , W. C. H. Waddell forwarded to Secretary Cameron a proposal . articles to the , and particularly a vessel for water. Welcome to a future where water is more precious than oil or gold Hundreds of millions of people have already died, and millions more will soon fall - victims of. Ergometer versus On-Water Sculling and Sweep Rowing 3. . force profiles from the pin and foot-stretcher, oar than race time is important, . Soroka[41] and Cameron[42] used modified strain designed platform Seventh International Congress of Biomechanics; ; War-.


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The Water Wars by Cameron Stracher

Vera and her older brother, Will, have never known anything else. A piece of wrought-iron, six feet long by one inch wide and one-fourth of an inch thick, was so curved as to form the legs 1 and sockets on either end of the wooden cross-bar for the poles to pass through, and was fastened by two rivets, one at each end; the pin in the centre, on which the canvas was looped, was used as a third.

Water wars cameron stretcher three pins in each cross-bar were made of half-inch iron, and projected one inch, with heads to keep the loops from slipping off.

The shoulder straps weighed one and one-half pounds, were made of leather two inches wide, five feet eight inches long, with a three and one-half water wars cameron stretcher loop at one end and a buckle at the other end for adjustment on the handles of the stretcher.


One objection to the Satterlee litter was its bulk, which seriously interfered with its conveyance in large numbers. The Halstead 2 litter, a stretcher of lighter and more compact pattern FIG.

It weighed twenty-three and three-fourths pounds and was twenty-three and one-half inches wide; the length of the canvas unbleached was five feet eleven inches, being fastened on the outer side of t he rave with six-ounce tacks.

The poles were made of seasoned white ash, eight feet long and one and five-sixths inches square, with thirteen inches at water wars cameron stretcher end and twelve inches at the other, extending beyond the canvas, and rounded off for handles.

The legs, which were also made of seasoned white ash, were fourteen and one-half inches long, one inch thick, one and seven-eighths inches wide at the top, and tapering to one and three-eighths inches at the bottom. They were fastened to the poles with water wars cameron stretcher bolts, washers under the heads of the bolts, and rivets through the upper end of the legs to prevent them from splitting.

The braces to hold the stretcher open, one on the under side at either end, consisted of two pieces of wrought-iron one inch wide by three-eighths of an inch thick; one piece was fifteen inches and the other twelve inches in length, hinged in the centre of the stretcher, the longer one overlapping the shorter three and one-half inches, and, when open, shutting on a bolt or pin, forming a stiff shoulder for the hinge and preventing the stretcher from accidentally closing.

The braces were fastened on with heavy screws, with pieces of common hoop iron underneath the braces to prevent them from wearing the wood. The shoulder straps weighed eight ounces, and were made of striped cotton webbing two and one-half inches wide by fifty inches long, with a five-inch loop at one end and a leather strap twenty-two and one-half inches long by one and one-sixth inches wide, with buckle, at the other end to loop around the handles of the stretcher at any length desired.

Of the litter shown in FIG. A water wars cameron stretcher of the litter used in the Confederate armies is shown in FIG. The cloth is tacked in this and secured by a lath which fits accurately the groove and which is water wars cameron stretcher in, covering the cloth.

The tension upon the cloth is not borne by the tacks, but is uniformly supported by the entire lath, and therefore never rips off. A litter to be used as a bedstead was proposed by Assistant Surgeon Henry S. Schell, inin a letter to Medical Inspector Vollum, U.

: The Water Wars : Cameron Stracher: Books

It generally takes a day, perhaps more, to prepare bedsteads, or rather to build them, so that they may be elevated from the damp and uneven surface of the ground.

The present stretcher cannot be used to make two rows of beds, with a passage from door to door between them in the usual manner, because of its length. To the ends of each of the water wars cameron stretcher wooden bars a shorter one, ten inches long, is joined by a strong hinge placed underneath.

This latter bar constitutes the handle when used as a stretcher, or the leg when used as a camp bedstead. It is retained in the upright water wars cameron stretcher by a short iron stay, as seen in the figure. I have long felt the want of such an arrangement when arriving in camp and wishing to pitch the hospital tent immediately.

The hinge will be found to last much longer than the canvas. As each ambulance carries two stretchers, a hospital may be improvised from these very readily. The modes of carrying wounded men on horse or mule litters during the war have been fully described in Circular No.

Nations war over extant supplies, pirates thrive, black markets flourish, and desalination companies wield immense influence. The United Nations expects 1. Drought in Andhra Pradesh, India So I thought the basis for the post-apocalyptic scenario was solid, and well-depicted.

Shoe stretcher

This resulted in the erection of two Bristol classrooms in water wars cameron stretcher Bywhen the school population had reached pupils the opening of the new school at Orbost North was welcomed by all concerned. In the Department purchased land diagonally opposite the school and developed it as a playing area.

Schools east Gippsland Significance This item is associated with the history of education in Orbost.