Available in: NOOK Magazine (eMagazine). One of the most popular magazines in the country, TV Guide Magazine is the only publication devoted. Editorial Reviews. Product Description. One of the most popular magazines in the country, TV Guide Magazine is the only publication devoted exclusively to. TV Guide Magazine. The newly transformed TV Guide will help you Spend Less Time Searching and more time Enjoying the best shows, movies and sports.


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The cover featured a blanket-wrapped Desi Arnaz, Jr. There were other television viewing tv guide magazine, but the ubiquity of TV Guide was so accepted that some chair manufacturers would include pockets sized precisely to keep the digest-size magazine close at hand.

TV Guide Magazine

In the s I owned a TV Guide-branded board game, with TV trivia questions printed in booklets the same size as the magazine. Ten years after tv guide magazine News Corp. As digital cable guides became more of a preferred utility, the magazine changed its format, abandoning the digest size in in favor of the larger-size format, doing away with local editions, then switching to a biweekly publishing schedule the following year.

It still tv guide magazine sold in the checkout aisle next to Us Weekly and Soap Opera Digest, and, if reports are to be believed, it still makes money.

The official site of TV Guide Magazine

Even a great series like Sherlock, with its feature-film-length episodes and piling up of clever dramatic twists, can be an exhausting project to watch, requiring not just a blocking out of time but a strategic intake of breath before the journey begins.

It used to be that television was the medium through which powerful external tv guide magazine subverted their way into your living room. A half-page daily prime time highlights section featuring the evening's notable shows, movies and sports events — similar to the former "Guidelines" feature — was re-added to the listings section; a full-page "Weekday Highlights" page was also added featuring guest and topical information for the week's daytime talk and morning shows as well as picks for movies airing during the day on broadcast and cable channels.

In addition, while log listings continued in use for prime time listings, program synopses were added to the grids and log, as well as a "NEW" indicator for first-run episodes, replacing the " Repeat " indicator in the log's synopses.

The "Premium Channels Movie Guide" was also restructured as "The Big Movie Guide," with film listings being expanded to include those airing on all broadcast networks and cable channels featured in each edition as well as some that were not listed in a particular local editionas well as movies that were available on pay-per-view page references to the films included in this section were also incorporated into the prime time grids and log listings.

Beginning in Januarythe midnight to 5: The magazine's format was changed beginning with the April 11,issue to start the week's listings in each issue on Sunday the day in which television listings magazines supplemented in newspapers traditionally began each week's listings informationrather than Saturday.

In Julythe overnight listings were removed entirely, replaced by a grid that ran from It also listed a small selection of late-night movies tv guide magazine on certain channels.

TV Guide Magazine (@tvguidemagazine) • Instagram photos and videos

The time period of the listings in the daytime grids also shifted from starting at 5: By this point, the log listings were restricted to programs airing from 7: In earlymore channels were added to the prime time and late-night grids. Format overhaul and conversion tv guide magazine national listings[ edit ] Former logo used from to ; the current logo is based on this design.

On July 26,Gemstar-TV Guide announced that TV Guide would abandon tv guide magazine longtime digest size format and begin printing as a larger full-size national magazine that would offer more stories and fewer program listings.


The change in format was attributed to the increase in the internetcable television channels like Tv guide magazine Guide Networkelectronic program guides and digital video recorders as the sources of choice for viewers' program listings.

Home Edition host Ty Pennington on the cover.

The listings format, now consisting entirely of grids, also changed to start the listings in each week's tv guide magazine on Monday rather than Sunday.

As a result of the elimination of the local editions, broadcast stations were replaced by broadcast network schedules with the description " Local Programming " being used to denote time periods in which syndicatedlocally produced or paid programs would air instead of network shows.

In SeptemberTV Guide launched a redesigned websitewith expanded original editorial and user-generated content not included in the print magazine.


On December 22,TV Guide introduced the magazine's first tv guide magazine two-week edition. The edition, which featured Rachael Ray on the cover, was issued for the period from December 25to January 7,