The Secret War was a seven–part television series produced by the BBC in conjunction with the Imperial War Museum documenting various technical  ‎Episodes · ‎Episode 1 "The Battle of · ‎Episode 6 "Still Secret". Joshua Kurlantzick's engaging new history says the secret war in Southeast Asia was the beginning of the modern CIA – no longer merely an. The Laotian Civil War (–75) was fought between the Communist Pathet Lao and the Royal Lao Government, with both sides receiving heavy external support in a proxy war between the global Cold War superpowers. It is called the Secret War among the CIA Special Activities Division and  ‎Overview · ‎Chronology of the Laotian · ‎Evacuation of the Hmong · ‎Aftermath.


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It also makes the secret war the general disregard the American leadership had for the lives of its allies. This becomes all the more apparent after the US signed a peace agreement with North Vietnam inwhich essentially cut the Hmong adrift, leaving them to make their own peace or face the enemy alone.

My father fought the CIA's secret war in Laos

Tens of thousands of Hmong would eventually flee the country, most ending up in camps in neighbouring Thailand. The Laos war would prove the dividing line for the CIA.

A cultured view on the secret war The CIA was also doing everything it could to keep American involvement in the war hidden from the public at home. Officials insisted, even when questioned by members of Congress or senior presidential staff, that the Laotians were running their own war, and that the Hmong leader was his own man.

Even after the war, the CIA refused to declassify reports and cables issued by its clandestine operatives in the country, and for years former Hmong and CIA fighters would not discuss their experiences.

Secret War (TV Series – ) - IMDb

Episode 5 "If"[ edit ] This episode showcases certain inventions which either never became operational, or their deployment was significantly delayed, therefore leaving one only to imagine what could have happened 'if' certain developments had become into widespread use.

Episode 6 "Still Secret"[ edit ] Covers the story of the Enigma The secret war and the Lorenz cipher and how, after valuable initial work by the Polish Intelligence the secret war BS4and the French, they were broken at Bletchley Parkincluding some information on the Colossus computer which was still classified at the time the programme was made.

It explains how the codes were broken and how the information was used. Here are some other startling facts about the U.

Over million cluster bombs were dropped on Laos during the Vietnam War million more bombs than were dropped on Iraq inand combined ; up to 80 million did not detonate.

Laotian Civil War

More than half of all confirmed cluster munitions casualties in the world have occurred in Laos. Each year there are now just under 50 new casualties in Laos, down from in The band moved northward to the administrative capitol of Vientiane with its provisional revolutionary government. Souphanouvong then urged the signing of a military cooperation treaty the secret war the newly established North Vietnamese communist government, which was done.

The The secret war military mission was escorted out of Laos into Thailand by a contingent of Chinese troops. Roving Viet Minh detachments ruled the northeast, but the Viet Minh declined to aid the new government.


Chinese troops, [22] including the secret war Chinese Nationalist 93rd Division, [23] occupied cities as far south as Luang Prabang.

The French-sponsored guerrillas controlled the southern provinces of Savannakhet and Khammouan.

History of Laos’ secret war – and the way it transformed the CIA – reveals a sobering legacy

Prince Boun Oumwho sympathized with the French, occupied the rest of the southern panhandle. The French negotiated a Chinese withdrawal from Laos prior to their own return, removing them the secret war the field.

The Lao The secret war troops suffered killed. On 9 May, they repeated their airborne tactics with a drop outside Luang Prabang. The king reinstated the French rule by repudiating his actions that had been pressured from him by the Japanese, Chinese, and Lao Issara.

By September,the Lao The secret war had been defeated and had fled to exile in Bangkok. These three men founded the military movement that would become the Pathet Lao Land of Laos.


Kaysone Phomvihane organized the first detachment of the new force. By the end ofat least Viet Minh agents had crossed into Laos. Build-up of forces[ edit ] Main articles: There was one paratroop battalion included. In opposition, the Viet Minh raised a subsidiary revolutionary movement, the secret war Pathet Lao, starting with an initial guerrilla band of 25 in January,