The Long Walk has ratings and reviews. This book says it's the "true story of a trek to freedom" and I began reading it as such. It takes the reader. There is no lottery to choose the Walkers, nobody forces the boys to walk, and throughout the book you'll see teenagers who aren't even sure. The Long Walk is a novel by American writer Stephen King, published in , under the pseudonym Richard Bachman. It was collected in in the hardcover omnibus The Bachman Books, and  Pages‎: ‎


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As an adventurous boy, he roamed the glades and rivers of the Pripet marshes, fishing, sailing, making shelters and trapping his own food, all of which helped in his later, testing years. Following private educa-tion, from to he studied architecture and surveying in Warsaw.

Inhe joined the Polish reserve army, qualifying at the long walk book cav alry cadet officers' school the following year.

The Long Walk - Wikipedia

In summerhe married. The young couple had 48 hours together before Slav was mobilised as Germany invaded Poland.

He never saw his wife again. Garraty has a mother and a girlfriend whom he daydreams of: He doesn't know why he's doing the Walk really: Greed and the promise of glory took him that far, and they would be the things that would carry him the long walk book the end of the race: He meets the other boys for the first time as they wait on the start line, and we discover that they all have their motivations.

The Long Walk: The True Story of a Trek to Freedom by Slavomir Rawicz

For some, it's love: For some, it's the prize itself; the pot of the long walk book at the end. The author might have distorted the timeline and embellished some of the events to make the book a more exciting read. She violently broke up with McVries after he proposed marriage and cut his face open with a Paddington Bear letter opener.

The Major—Little to no biographical information is presented about the Major within the book, but due the long walk book Stebbins' testimony, it is inferred that he is at the very least in his mid-to-late thirties and has been running the Long Walk for the long walk book least 13 years, but likely much longer.

A pristine, methodical man known for his punctuality and decorum, he is depicted as never appearing in public without wearing reflective sunglasses it is speculated that a possible reason for this is that his eyes are "extremely light-sensitive".

Sławomir Rawicz - Wikipedia

According to Garraty's father, he is "a society-supported sociopath", and he bears a strong physical resemblance to depictions of Big Brother from George Orwell 's Nineteen Eighty-Four.

The Major's the long walk book appearance is at the starting line, meeting each Walker, passing out their respective numbers, and starting the race quietly with his signature phrase: He appears at the end of the race, ready to offer Garraty the Prize, but is mostly unrecognizable to Garraty, who initially mistakes him for a "damn fool" who should not commit a capital crime by driving on the road.


This is the only time that anyone in the book overlooks the Major. While no one is allowed to witness the beginning of the race it is the long walk book to ruin the Walkers' concentrationthey are allowed to appear with more frequency by the Squads as the long walk book race progresses.

Bystanders come from all over the nation to cheer Walkers with signs, and frequently yell slogans to encourage them.


Garraty sees several calling him "Maine's own" and several stating "Go Go Garraty", which he initially takes as strong encouragement.

As the race progresses, the crowd influence becomes more intrusive, with several bystanders trying to give aid to the Walkers by selling cokes, giving away watermelon, or in one case, a Walker's mother attempts to pull her son from the race.

The Walkers alternately embrace the crowd and members of it, notably Garraty taking a warning to neck with a girl and Gribble responding to sexual advances that lead to his demise.

As the volume, sheer numbers, and intensity of the crowds build, the Walkers the long walk book more hostile and paranoid.

Rereading Stephen King: week seven – The Long Walk

One Walker, seeing the long walk book crowd ahead swelling and threatening to close up the road entirely, goes insane, claiming that they will "eatusup" over and over again until he is shot by the soldiers.

Finally, as Stebbins predicted, the Walkers begin to ignore the crowds almost completely, as the finalists are focused only on the road and each other.

The Crowd cheers wildly whenever a Walker is "ticketed", and eagerly collect any souvenirs they can find from the Walkers, including their excrement. Billions of dollars are wagered on the Long Walk.

Adaptations[ edit ] InGeorge A.