Like other Wow! books, The CorelDRAW Wow! Book sets new standards in computer graphics publishing. It gives results-oriented advice that all CorelDRAW. : CorelDRAW Wow!. The CorelDRAW Wow! Book (DPI Grafik) and a great selection of similar New, Used and Collectible. The CorelDRAW Wow! Book showcases some of the best work created in CorelDRAW for both print and the Web. A combination of eminently practical advice.


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Book Mac and Windows editions for Photoshop 2.


A Visual Guide for the Mac. Sharon Steuer has taught computer imaging in art schools and training centers throughout the country.

The CorelDRAW Wow! Book

Her paintings and computer illustrations have appeared in numerous books and magazines and have been exhibited nationally for more than a decade. The Bezier tool was used to make the curves. Adding Dimension--learn how to the coreldraw wow things look solid and create distanc e or perspective.

There is also a section on CorelDream 3D.

The CorelDRAW Wow! Book by Linnea Dayton

The section on modeling space is the coreldraw wow and informative, and it shows you how to make a starfield, planets, rings, spaceship, and radar dish.

The Extrude function and blending techniques were used to create the space scene to the right.


When the design was finished in CorelDraw, it was exported in a bitmap format and the sun flare was added in Adobe Photoshop. MetaCreations painter was used to produce the sun's reflections in the rings. Working With Type--discusses pointers for choosing and setting type; artistic text; spe cial effects the coreldraw wow type; the coreldraw wow paragraph text.

Demonstrates how to design a label; make puffed-up and popped-out type; create carat type; add character to type; contour for colorful type; shape and frame type; and make electrified type, chiseled type, and transparent type.

The image to the left was created by starting with a Zap font, converting the text to curves, and using the single arc envelope to further modify the artwork.

Corel Draw Wow Book

Then the Blend tool was used to create soft color transitions and the blend was converted as a dithered black-and-white bitmap. CorelDraw the coreldraw wow the Web--gives you information on preparing artwork f or the Web; and animation.

Learn special techniques for designing seamless tiles and creating an image map. The original cat image was drawn by hand using a modular the coreldraw wow with the head, whiskers, and body separate. It was then scanned and traced with CorelTrace.

The CorelDraw Wow! Book

Then the character was imported into CorelDraw, shapes were drawn to colorize it and add other details. Once the original was designed, copies were made for the animation sequences.

The object-based nature of The coreldraw wow coupled with a modular the coreldraw wow to the original illustration was a perfect combination for creating animations. Workarounds--alternative approaches to some of the steps in the drawing and coloring techniques.

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CorelDraw-friendly Service Bureaus--list of 12 service bureaus. Production Notes--general information Appendix D: