Ten Principal Upanishads, tr by S Purhoit Swami and W B Yeats. In his memorial lecture in Dublin, T. S. Eliot pronounced Yeats "one of those few whose history is the history of their own time, who are a part of the. The Ten Principal Upanishads. Jan W B Yeats; Shree Swami; Purohit. Yeats, W. B. & Swami, Shree Purohit. The Ten Principal Upanishads. London: Faber.


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As a disciple of Shri Bhagwan Hamsa, Purohit Swami gave a series of lectures on the Ten principal upanishads yeats Gita at the 'Fellowship Club', and became involved with British 'spiritualists' who were interested in helping him set up an ashram in London.

The Ten Principal Upanishads

Moore introduced the Purohit to William Butler Yeats and from there formed a strong friendship and literary relationship. Eliot pronounced Yeats "one of those few whose history is the history of their ten principal upanishads yeats time, who are a part of the consciousness of an age which cannot be understood without them.

Sligo furnished many of the familiar places in his poetry, among them the mountain Ben Bulben and the lake isle of Innisfree.

Important influences on his early adulthood included his father, the writer and artist William Morris, the nationalist leader John O'Leary, and the occultist Madame Blavatsky.

Review of “The Ten Principal Upanishads” – Ariel Sheen

In philosophy I rather like the dialogue format not used here, although there are narrated recountings of exchanges in how one walks along with the philosopher, their hesitancies voiced and dealt with as with Plato, or, better yet, Berkeley. Death encouraged ran on: This Fire shall be called by your name.

Ten principal upanishads yeats shall be named after you. Now choose again, choose the third gift. Explain, and that shall be my third gift. Choose another gift, Nachi-ketas! Do not be hard.

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  • Ten Principal Upanishads
  • 1 - the lord (eesha)
  • Purohit Swami

Do not compel mfe to explain,' Nachiketas said: What gift compares with that? But do not ask what lies beyond death.

Joy ends enjoyment, the longest life is short. Keep those horses, keep singing and dancing, keep it all for yourself.

If he but please you, Ten principal upanishads yeats of Allhe can live as long as he likes, get all that he likes; but I wil l not change my gift. This, which you have made so mysterious, is the only gift I will take.

The ten principal upanishads

Who follows the good, attains sanctity ; who follows the pleasant, drops out of the race. The mind of the wise man draws him to the good, the flesh of the fool drives ten principal upanishads yeats to the pleasant. Having examined the pleasures you have rejected them; turned from the vortex of life and death.

Rejecting images of pleasure, Nachiketas! Who finds Him is a world's wonder, who expounds Him is a world's wonder, who inherits Him from his Master is a world's wonder. But when the uncommon man speaks, dispute is over.

The Ten Principal Upanishads. Put into English by Shree Purohit Swami and W.B. Yeats.

Because the Self is a fine substance, He slips from the mind and deludes imagination. Logic brings no man to the Self.

Yet when a wise man shows Him, He is found. Your longing eyes are turned towards reality. Would that I had always such a pupil.


The ten principal upanishads yeats of all desire, the conquest of the world, freedom from fear, unlimited pleasure, magical power, all were yours, but you renounced them all, brave and wise man.

The man that, hearing from the Teacher and comprehending, distinguishes nature from the Self, goes to the source; that man attains joy, lives for ever in that joy.