Systemy produkcyjne PROFILE: CIP 3. CIP 4. PPF JDF JMF Elementy wejścia: środki techniczne produkcji przedmioty pracy (materiały. Reprograf SA i Grafikus Systemy Graficzne Sp. z o.o. podpisały umowę inwestycyjną, na mocy Prezentacja VII edycji raportu nt. rynku poligraficznego Firma powiększa fabrykę w Soignies w celu potrojenia produkcji i ma zamiar zwiększyć. In November in Grafix Centrum Poligrafii in Gdańsk there has been a Japanese automatic This system is based on CtP Speedsetter VM4. Centrum Produkcji Reklamowej from Wrocław has bought not only a router machine AXYZ.


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Thus, in most cases systemy produkcyjne w poligrafii decide to use a dedicated software specifically designed to manage a printing plant — but it will also require an integration with other implemented systems. A specialized software must also know something about the production process different for books, labels, and digital printing and must allow to produce all jobs actually done in the company.

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In order to do the job, the specialized software must allow at least: An additional, often desired, feature is Customer Relationship Management CRMbut a MIS tool can also be integrated with other systems for this task, usually centered around e-mail software.

Since a MIS system is typically implemented after a financial package, the task of invoicing is generally left to the latter — however, we may also imagine that MIS takes care of invoicing and delivery notes in normal cases the warehouse management is systemy produkcyjne w poligrafii for those.

Such a solution has some benefits, e. In any case, we would have to integrate our current financial, human resources and stock management systems with the new MIS tool to make accurate estimations and correct post-production calculations. MIS systems can certainly take over the entire task of financial management, but this is impractical for at least two reasons: As we are implementing a new, integrated solution for estimating jobs, our employees would usually accept it enthusiastically, since if the implementation is reasonably prepared and the system configured they can quickly tell the customer the price for the job — and check the deadline feasibility — by asking just a few questions, while using approved margins.

In production department, however, the management tools may often be perceived as a nuisance, or worse still, an oppression — any break, for any reason like smoking is registered Thus, production data collection must be as simple as possible, and — eventually — done with minimum human intervention.

Systemy produkcyjne w poligrafii : praktyczny przewodnik (Book, ) []

The best solution is to tap the machine control system directly, or using some intermediate format like JDF to pass the messages to external systems.

Simple terminals with systemy produkcyjne w poligrafii screens or bar code readerswith minimum hassle, can be used where other means are impractical or plainly impossible.

Easy system access also helps to promote its usage among employees, since they will systemy produkcyjne w poligrafii like to learn new software required for their job especially if it adds to, rather than replaces, old solutions.

If the crew is paid according to job done, this may be of utmost importance; any resentment for using data collection terminals may result in the system registering only a few work hours for the entire month.

It would not help in building a trust for the solution, and of course it will also make all data like labour cost less than credible.


A key point of any MIS system for graphic arts is a connection between customer service and production especially prepress. A customer may supply almost all required data for the job perhaps without mentioning specific paper or systemy produkcyjne w poligrafii brandso the entire process may be planned, and job order created, in an instant.

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However, even if a customer has accepted the quotation and sent an order, one thing must still happen — we must receive the job data typically in digital form and customer systemy produkcyjne w poligrafii approve the result.

This may require multiple contacts between sides, extended approval cycles and a number of proofs, which in turn can destroy any production schedule.

It might be interesting to note that no current MIS system takes care of this process, usually left for the prepress. There is however, a number of programs on the market which can support a cooperation with customers in that aspect.

Systemy produkcyjne w poligrafii: praktyczny przewodnik - Chuck Gehman - Google книги

JDF import and export is becoming a standard way of data exchange between prepress systems and external programs, thus it might be advisable for any planned MIS to be JDF-compliant — it may e.

Ideally, any employee in the systemy produkcyjne w poligrafii uses only a single software tool — which should also give access to all required data. A MIS system would therefore become the most used program, accessed at least in sales, production planning and by management perhaps also in logistics.

An application server seems best suited to such a job, since it will allow to quickly update the system with new functions and patches. The best way to use such a system will be a Web browser: Since mobile systems like palmtops also use Web browsers, some MIS options can be launched systemy produkcyjne w poligrafii this way, e.

Many business software not only MIS developers already use this technology, so we may expect that also a specialized graphic arts software can be organized in this way. In light of that, implementing a printing plant management system will take months rather than hours.

Systemy produkcyjne w poligrafii : praktyczny przewodnik

Just the task of pre-installation analysis — to describe all products, all documents and all processes — will require several weeks, depending on the company size and profile. Thus, first effect systemy produkcyjne w poligrafii an integrated MIS solution may be seen in the following quarter.

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