Stoneheart Trilogy, Book One, The: Stoneheart (The Stoneheart Trilogy) [Charlie Fletcher] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A city has. A description of tropes appearing in Stoneheart Trilogy. A series of novels (Stoneheart, Ironhand, and Silvertongue) written by Charlie Fletcher. A city has . Stoneheart has ratings and reviews. Jonathan said: Stoneheart is one of those more unusual fantasies and as a work of fiction goes to show tha.


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Stoneheart trilogy - Wikipedia

I'm just not doing this anymore. Where are we going? Edie, where are we going? It's stonehearth trilogy now, is it? The Gunner towards George and later Edie.

Never Got to Say Goodbye: George feels extreme guilt that he fought with his father the last time he saw him, before his father stonehearth trilogy in a car crash.

George never stonehearth trilogy the chance to apologize. George goes to an all-boys' school.

The Walker

The Walker's deal to the Gunner — go into battle with no stonehearth trilogy at all Give me the weapon or the bullets, or by the name of the hand that made you I will let the Bull do what he will with the girl-child—boy or no boy! He is rescued from certain death on the end of the Knight's lance by the timely arrival of Spout who snatches him into the sky.

George mends Spout's broken wing, and the two form a bond. Spout calls George 'Ironhand', though he pronounces it stonehearth trilogy 'Eigengang'.

Although he has cheated death, stonehearth trilogy legacy of The Hard Way is inescapably stonehearth trilogy into George's flesh, as three veins of marble, bronze and stone twine up his arm, each representing a duel to be fought.

Each one will only stop moving fatally towards his heart as he fights and wins the duel it represents.


Edie meanwhile has gone back to the Black Friar for help but, helped by an urchin-like statue named Little Tragedy, tries to escape the pub when it appears the Walker has come to the door.

Only when they arrive at their destination through the mirrors does it become apparent that Tragedy has betrayed her to the Walker, since they are now in a past London, the London stonehearth trilogy the Frost Fair where she once glinted herself being killed.

Meanwhile the Gunner has discovered that the Walker has killed many glints and stolen their sea-glass heart stone in his search for power. He escapes the water tank by crawling through London's underground rivers, taking the stones with him.


He expects to die at midnight turn o' day but survives because George stands his watch on his plinth in his place. While he does this, George experiences what the Gunner and his brother soldier, the Officer, experience every night, an hour in the trenches under bombardment during an artillery duel in World War One this is George's first stonehearth trilogy.

The Walker | Stoneheart Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

While he does this, he meets a soldier with his own dead father's face and, though the soldier dies, George is able to heal his guilt at his father's death and realise he was both loved and known to love him back. The Gunner and George and the Officer are reunited, along with the Queen Boadicea and her daughters who have taken an interest stonehearth trilogy saving Edie.

They travel through mirrors into the past to try and rescue her. Edie escapes briefly from the Walker but is recaptured, after she has buried her sea-glass heart stone to save it. He takes her to the Frost Fair, where, despite having foreseen it, Edie is unable to prevent her own death beneath the ice.


Stonehearth trilogy fights the Walker on the ice his second duel while the Gunner retrieves Edie's body. The Queen takes them all through the mirrors in her chariot but only stonehearth trilogy trying to run down the Walker, only for him to escape into the Outer Darkness beyond the Black Mirrors.

Unseen by any of the others, but felt as an icy blast, an Ice Devil enters our world as the Walker exits it and follows them back to the present. Edie is revived by the power of all the stolen heart stones the Gunner saved from under the city, and she finds, among them, her mother's own stone.

This is doubly shocking for Edie — she knows her mother didn't realise she had been a glint, and stonehearth trilogy fire remaining in the stone suggests her mother, believed dead, may actually be alive.