A rare look inside the Sonderkommando “Dirlewanger,” the SS anti-partisan unit notorious for atrocities in Poland and Russia during World War II. The SS-Sonderkommando Dirlewanger (also known as SS-Sonderbataillon Dirlewanger and Sonderkommando der Waffen-SS Lublin) was. A rare look inside the Sonderkommando, Dirlewanger, the SS anti-partisan unit notorious for atrocities in Poland and Russia during World War II. These memoirs.


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In combat the commander has sonderkommando dirlewanger over life and death of all members of these battalions, which consist of these different components.

The commander of the battalion, SS Lieutenant Colonel Dirlewanger, will have jurisdiction over life and death of the concentration camp inmates in rest area and field garrison. Not surprisingly, Kaminski was, shortly afterwards, semi-legally sonderkommando dirlewanger by the SS judicial arm.

The SS-Sonderkommando Dirlewanger: A Memoir - $ : Schiffer Publishing

Not so sure about the submachine gun held by the soldier second from left - it does not quite look the part for The NCO, first left, seems to be carrying an MP 28 submachine gun, a weapon commonly used by Special Police and other anti-partisan units. Wherever the Dirlewanger unit — named for and led by Oskar Dirlewanger — operated, corruption and rape formed an every-day part of life sonderkommando dirlewanger indiscriminate slaughter, beatings and looting were rife.

In addition Hitler was only interested in poachers from Bavaria or Austria as sonderkommando dirlewanger to other areas of the Reich.


Meanwhile Dirlewanger successfully overturned his conviction sonderkommando dirlewanger and in Saturday, May 25, he was fully exonerated.

The SS-Sonderkommando Dirlewanger was born.

German Forces - Sonderkommando Dirlewanger

Dirlewanger served for a time in the Lublin district supervising the building defence fortifications along the Bug River at Belzec and sonderkommando dirlewanger Jewish camp at Dzikow, and SSPF for the Lublin district and was again recommended him for promotion this time by Odilo Globocnik on the 5 August However the favour of Kruger and Globocnik was not to last and Dirlewanger was soon plagued by investigations concerning his activities regarding the mistreatment of Polish civilians and was also accused of engaging in sexual activity with female Jews prior to murdering them.

Soon after his release from the prison in LudwigsburgDirlewanger was arrested again on similar charges for criminal recidivism. He was sent to the Welzheim concentration sonderkommando dirlewanger, either as what Stein feels was standard practice for deviant sexual offenders in Germany at the time [14] or for creating a disturbance demanding the reversal of his criminal charges appearing before the Reich Chancellery.

Following further intervention on his behalf by his patron Berger, he successfully petitioned to have his case reconsidered in light of his service in Spain.

Oskar Dirlewanger - Wikipedia

His doctorate was also restored by the University of Frankfurt. World War II[ edit ] See also: He eventually became the commander of the so-called Dirlewanger Brigade at first designated as a battalion, later expanded to a regiment and a brigade, and eventually a divisioncomposed originally of a small group of former poachers along with soldiers of a more conventional background.

In contrast to those who served in the German penal battalions for committing minor offences, the recruits sent into Dirlewanger's band were convicted of sonderkommando dirlewanger crimes such as premeditated murderrape, arson and burglary.


Dirlewanger provided them with an sonderkommando dirlewanger to commit atrocities on such a scale that even the SS executioners complained. With the influx of criminals, the emphasis on poachers was now lost, though many of the former poachers rose to NCO ranks to train the unit.

Those convicted of other more severe crimes, including the criminally insane, joined the unit.

By February the number of men in sonderkommando dirlewanger battalion doubled to half of them Volksdeutsche. Operational history[ edit ] During the organization's time in the Soviet Union, Dirlewanger burned women and children alive and let starved packs of dogs feed on them.

His complaints resulted in its transfer to Belarus in February The Dirlewanger resumed anti-partisan activities in this area, working in cooperation with the Kaminski Brigadea militia of Russians under the command of Bronislav Kaminski.

Sonderkommando dirlewanger preferred method of operation was to gather civilians in a barn, set it on sonderkommando dirlewanger and shoot with machine guns anyone who tried to escape; the victims of his unit numbered about 30, A ratio such as that was possible only when the victims were unarmed civilians.

Recruits were to come from criminals, Eastern volunteers Osttruppen and military delinquents. The second battalion was established in February when the regiment's strength reached men, of whom were anti-communists from Soviet territory; and the unit was redesignated as the SS-Sonderregiment Dirlewanger.