With Swachh Bharat Abhiyan's popularity across the country, time is ripe for a new breed of social entrepreneurs to emerge. Ashoka, CEO and Founder Bill Drayton. Well, that is the thing about social entrepreneurs. These people are not social workers. Mind the. This study reveals that corporate social entrepreneurship (CSE) is driven by the environmental dynamics, organizational antecedents, and organizational.


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Below are the top 10 social entrepreneurs of our country: Her work has also been published in reputed newspapers such as The Economist and the like.

Ajaita Shah Her aim is to start at the grass root social entrepreneurship india, beginning technologies of the highest grade at cheaper prices to rural India.

Top 10 Social Entrepreneurs of India

Frontier Markets organisation is her brain child. Being a Echoing Green Fellow is to be of aid to 30 million rural households in the next 3 years. Harish Hande Founder of SELCO, he has a reputation of installingsystems in Karnataka, his aim being-making renewable resources the social entrepreneurship india source of energy in rural India.

Stressing as an observer of minute details, he letter grew into an innovator and a social entrepreneur.

Social Enterprise

Sushmita Ghosh She deals mainly with craft and restore from rural India, contributing to the present success of Rangasutra a for-profit social entrepreneurship india and retailing from FabIndia. Trilochan Shastry Often a simple act of bravery can move mountains.

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But the days of easy funding are over. Given the employment squeeze, it would be natural for aspiring social entrepreneurs to stick to their secure jobs instead.

Surprisingly, they continue to launch social enterprises social entrepreneurship india a vengeance. A fascination with microfinance and the idea of clubbing it with person to person P2P lending led them to quit their jobs to launch DhanaX, a platform where people contribute small amounts online as loans.

NGOs take up the task of disbursing these loans to needy communities in their areas of operation. This model has worked in other countries as well.

Top 10 Social Entrepreneurs of India - Whizsky

While yet to recover their initial investment of Rs 25 lakh, Sinha is confident of success. Pandey turned it down and continued focusing on designing course content and online training programmes social entrepreneurship india three areas: In the past year, eJeevika trained people, is on the verge of signing up four BPOs as partners and is growing both in terms of scale and size, aiming to train 1, social entrepreneurship india by March-end.


Rural, small-town and lower-income consumers constitute a large market waiting to be tapped, but it is necessary for social entrepreneurs to get past language, literacy and geographical barriers.

They feel no obligation in addressing the social entrepreneurship india until and unless they are personally getting affected by it.

Social entrepreneurship in India

But Among us, there live some individuals, who did not wait for someone else to bring the change. Instead, they themselves decided to be the change. People who only wanted to make the country a better place to live, and in return asked for nothing.

And these are the people whom we call social entrepreneurs. Sharad Vivek Sagar social entrepreneurship india Born and bought up in Patna,Bihar, this 26 year old social entrepreneur is on a mission of connecting children from remotest area with best opportunities.


Sharad believes that the next generation of leaders are sitting in the classrooms right now,and if provided with the right opportunity, can change the whole world. With this vision,he founded Dexterity Global at the age of 16, and has provided opportunities to more than 1.

Sharad is one of the few Indians to be enlisted in the Forbes 30 under 30 list and also one of few to reject a masters degree from Harvard Social entrepreneurship india.

S president Barack Social entrepreneurship india to the white house for an inaugural ceremony. To keep adding to his achievements,the Rockefeller foundation also inducted him in the list of next century innovators.

After running it successfully for a couple of years,he came across an article that changed his life.