Here is the last skaven army list, 7th edition, so without the end of times heard of the Red Guard (they're in both books that feature Queek). Jump to 6th Edition - All army books were initially replaced by a get-by list in Skaven · ISBN , March , 7th Edition Skaven Army Book. The Skaven army is for people who like randomness, silliness and .. point, a Warlord is one of the most effective heroes in the Skaven book.


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He can have some solid magic equipment discussed later and can actually be an unusually effective combat lord don't expect him to go 10 rounds with most other Lords though.

Most Overpowered Army Books In Warhammer History?

He's a good choice. He can also take mounts below which are generally not the best choice, but can be fun and skaven army book 7th edition you expect him to do some frontline fighting and want him to cause casualties there are worse ways to up his kill count.

Also, one of the few Lords who can be taken in pts games and be effective in them with almost no magic items.

Although kitting out a Warlord for close combat is right and proper, don't try to make him a challenge Lord.

Warhammer Fantasy 7th Edition Skaven Army Book | eBay

There's a reason Skaven can run from Challenges without losing LD bonuses, and that's because a Skaven in a Challenge is a Skaven who's a corpse.

No, kit your Warlord out to kill basic dudes to up your combat res, it's better for him.

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If you're up for modeling it, and you need a mount, this is the one you want. It's got a good statline, lets him push up rank bonuses in whatever unit he joins, runs fairly cheap at 65 points.


If it had an armor save, it'd be perfect but since it is a mount, you actually get it. As is, it's a fun choice if you're in the mood and easily the best mount option.

Warhammer/Tactics/8th Edition/Skaven - 1d4chan

Just remember, he can't join infantry units outside Clanrats and Stormvermin what a sacrifice. Not as good as the Bonebreaker but. It's a cheap way of dropping a bunch of attacks on him, and pushing up his armor save. If you really can't spare the 30 extra points for a Bonebreaker and you want a mount, you could go for this one.

Laugh as you opponent skaven army book 7th edition forced to divide its attacks on very defensive lords, and loses to combat res. It also counts as infantry, so he gets a Look Out, Sir!

Warhammer Army Book - Wikipedia

It also can look badass. Anyway, there are worse choices liiiiiike You're paying 30 points for 1 armor save and 2 S4 poisoned attacks. It doesn't even come with extra movement, and you can't use the Swiftstride ability for cavalry when he's in a unit and trying to make him run touchdowns on his own is a surefire way to get him killed.

If you're committed to him having a mount, drop a Clanrat and give him a War-Litter. Can also be taken as a mount for a Plague Priest, but it's not a good choice for him either. Brood horror Forge World: Once in a blue moon the Forge World production team stop skaven army book 7th edition new overpriced shit for 40K, and instead design overpriced shit for Fantasy, finally delivering one of the most hideously overpriced things in the game.

Even against armies with terrible archers it'll end up crushed against their monsters who are almost always going to be stronger and skaven army book 7th edition cheaper too. Not to mention all of these points could be spent on far more useful slaves or just regular Clan Rats, not on skaven army book 7th edition Lord character in a Horde army.

Your general Lord Level Wizard, with a crap statline though he has T4, which is kinda awesome for a wizard - especially if you gonna make him a general and a points pricetag.

Like the Vermin Lord, he can mix spells freely and get access to the Dreaded Thirteenth Spell, but don't count on him casting that too much you need to roll all 6 dice to have a relatively sure chance of casting it.