Every entry of Samuel Pepys' diary, in separate monthly pages. Jan · Feb · Mar · Apr · May · Jun · Jul · Aug · Sep · Oct · Nov · Dec. Jan · Feb · Mar. The Diary of Samuel Pepys is probably the most famous diary in the English language. Begun in January and finishing in May , it offers a richly. Richard Le Gallienne's elegant abridgment of the Diary captures the essential writings of Samuel Pepys (–), a remarkable man who witnessed the.


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Vanity must be one motivation for the diarist.

Samuel Pepys

Pepys translated his vanity samuel pepys diary into intimate reportage and then into art. Yes, he places himself at the centre of events, but not in a self-important way. He gives himself no airs or samuel pepys diary dignity. He is as frank about his frailties as he is about every other aspect of the world around him.

Famously, he reports his sexual adventures with impressive candour, using a mix of the English vernacular and Latin to report his sexual exploits.


Later, he returned to Whitehall, then met his wife in St. In the evening, they watched the fire from the safety of Bankside.

The Diary of Samuel Pepys

Pepys writes that "it made me weep to see it". Returning home, Pepys met his clerk Tom Hayter who had lost everything. Hearing news that the fire was advancing, he started to pack up samuel pepys diary possessions by moonlight.

The ruins of the old St Paul's Cathedralby Thomas Wyckas it looked roughly seven years after the fire A cart arrived at 4 a. Many of his valuables, including his diary, were sent to a friend from the Navy Office samuel pepys diary Bethnal Green.

All diary entries

By then, he believed that Seething Lane was in grave danger, so samuel pepys diary suggested calling men from Deptford to help pull down houses and defend the king's property. Pen and I to Tower-streete, and there met the fire burning three or four doors beyond Mr. Batten not knowing how to remove his wine, did samuel pepys diary a pit in the garden, and laid it in there; and I took the opportunity of laying all the papers of my office that I could not otherwise dispose of.

And in the evening Sir W.

Pen and I did dig another, and put our wine in it; and I my Parmazan cheese, as well as my wine and some other things. Pepys had taken to sleeping on his office floor; on Wednesday, 5 September, he was awakened by his wife at 2 a. She told him that the fire had almost reached All Hallows-by-the-Tower and that it was at the foot of Seething Lane.

In the following days, Pepys witnessed looting, disorder, and disruption. On 7 September, he went to Paul's Wharf and saw the ruins of St Paul's Cathedral, of his old school, of his father's house, and of the house in which he samuel pepys diary had his stone removed.

All diary entries (The Diary of Samuel Pepys)

samuel pepys diary Personal life[ edit ] Plaque commemorating Pepys as a witness to the first performance of the puppet show Punch and Judy on St Paul's in Covent GardenThe diary gives a detailed account of Pepys' personal life.

He liked wine, plays, and the company of other samuel pepys diary. He also spent time evaluating his fortune and his place in the world. He was always curious and often acted on that curiosity, as he acted upon almost all his impulses.

Periodically, he would resolve to devote more time to hard work instead of leisure.

Samuel Pepys - Wikipedia

For example, in his entry for New Year's Eve,he writes: He was passionately interested in music; he composed, sang, and played for pleasure, and even arranged music lessons samuel pepys diary his servants.

He played the luteviolviolin, flageoletrecorder and spinet to varying degrees of proficiency.

Pepys was known to be brutal to his servants, once beating a samuel pepys diary Jane with a broom until she cried. My Lord Bruncker presently ordered his coach to be ready and we to Woolwich, and my Lord Sandwich not being come, we took a boat and about a mile off met him in his Catch, and boarded him, and come up with him; and, after making a little halt at my house, which I ordered, to have my wife see him, we all together by coach to Mr.