RSV-SRV - The report server encountered an internal error. Check additional information associated with this error message. If cause of. RSV-SRV The report server encountered an internal error. Check additional information associated with this error message. If cause of problem cannot be. CCLAssertError: 0:Fatal: CCLASSERTwidth RSV-SRV Trace. RSV-SRV An application error has occurred. Report runs in HTML.


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In another example, an error message such as this appears: X and Y together as ungrouped report details Y nested under X Y appended as an attribute of a group based on X When using named sets, or sets that cover more than one level of a hierarchy, do not use sets from the same dimension in more than one place in the same rsv srv 0040.

Cognos Report Studio v10 RSV-SRV-0040

They should appear on only one level of one edge. If a section in a report uses the lowest-level query item in a ragged hierarchy, such as the children rsv srv 0040 the "not assigned" node, the following BAPI error may appear: Lowest-level Query Item in a Ragged Hierarchy The solution is to remove the section from the lowest-level query item.


All other types of rollup either fail or return error cells, which typically display as two dash characters This problem occurs in, but is not limited to, the following: To avoid this problem, do not use OR filters in summaries. Some expected members may be missing or may have blank captions or labels.

This problem occurs if the descendants function uses a set rsv srv 0040 its first parameter instead rsv srv 0040 a single member and if the descendants function is nested under another data item from the same hierarchy.

M-Fin SPEEDTYPE SUMMARY Extras | m-Fin Blog

To avoid this problem, replace the first parameter in the descendants function with the function currentmember Hwhere H is the hierarchy of the desired set and under which the expression is nested.

For example, use descendants currentmember H. Columns, rows, or data can disappear if you set the default member of a hierarchy to a member that does not exist with every other member in the dimension. This error occurs when Cognos 8 cannot determine the query reference for a data item.

Such data items are identified by a small red circle with a white x icon that appears in the lower left corner. To correct the error, drag rsv srv 0040 data items into a container. If the container is a rsv srv 0040, we recommend that you drag the data items into the list page header or footer, or the overall header or footer.

If you want to see the first row of the item on each page or in the overall report, drag the item to the list page header or overall header. As my dashboard has almost 10 visualizations and 11,12 singletons.

Now the report is not running and showing same and same error. These would orignially default to Jan 01, This was because when the report is ran, there are two date prompts on the prompt page.

The user would select the date range and it would be applied to all the charts rsv srv 0040 the start.


Then the user could use the date prompts for each chart to change the data being shown for individual charts. Rsv srv 0040 now I need to pass the dates selected in the prompt page to the date prompts in the report page, instead of the report page prompts defualting to Jan 01, To do this, I created hidden date prompts in the prompt page that sahre the same parameter as the prompts in the report page.

The macro field is in a query with only that field, that runs concurrently. The query is grouped and returns only 1 record.