Rokeach Value Survey. On the following pages are two lists of values; 18 terminal values and 18 instrumental values. Terminal values are “end result” values. This classification system was based on the result of a survey of the social psychologist, Milton Rokeach that proposed a list including two sets of values, the terminal values and instrumental ones: Terminal Values refer to desirable end-states of existence; the goals that a person would like to achieve during their. The Rokeach Value Survey (RVS; Rokeach, ) is a 36 item question - naire that was designed to measure specific belief systems or value orientations which relate to 18 end states of existence (terminal values) followed by 18 modes of conduct (instrumental values).


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And how would I organize the 6 perfections, if I had to prioritize.

It was a very interesting conversation to think about values and how it relates to business and management. The most important is always wisdom. The 6 perfections operates like a circle, instead of linear. So what makes them 'perfections' is that each of the attributes giving, morality, patience, effort, concentration, wisdom MUST involve and invoke wisdom.

So doing all 5 perfections with wisdom in mind eventually leads to a direct perception of the 6th: In buddhism there is no separation btw what I rokeach values and how I 'act.

Rokeach Value Survey

Btw these are abbreviated the actual six that I want and therefore must do are. Concentration rokeach values practice throughout day 6. Wisdom - direct perception of emptiness! Within this system, beliefs represent the most basic element and may be considered simple propositions, conscious or unconscious, and may be inferred from what a person says or does.

The first kind of a belief may be called a descriptive or existential belief I rokeach values that the sun rises in the east ; the second kind of a belief may be called an evaluative belief I believe that this ice cream is good ; the third kind may be called a prescriptive or exhortatory belief I believe it is desirable that children should obey their parents.

Rokeach, " In this model, a value is viewed as a single belief which guides actions and judgments across rokeach values situations and beyond immediate goals to more ultimate end-states of existence. Rokeach values distinction between preferable modes of behavior and preferable end-states of existence implies a differentiation between means and ends or what Rokeach calls "instrumental" and "terminal" values.


Instrumental values relate to modes of conduct and include such characteristics as ambition, independence, and responsibility. Terminal values describe the individual's desired end-state of existence and include rokeach values conditions as leading an exciting life, family security, and salvation.

Six Perfections: Rokeach Value Survey

The complete list of rokeach values terminal and 18 instrumental values comprising the Value Survey is seen in Appendix 1. In its original format, the Value Survey requires subjects to rank two alphabetically listed series of terminal and instrumental values.

Each value is contained on a pressure sensitive gummed label and respondents are instructed to rearrange the labels until the best ordering of the relative importance of each value is achieved. This procedure results in two major limitations: To overcome these limitations, a modified Likert-type scale is frequently employed in lieu of the ranking method.

With this modification, the survey is brief, easy to employ, and requires only rokeach values ten minutes to complete. The results of empirical investigation based upon either approach to rokeach values Rokeach paradigm have, however, been most impressive.

Data collected at Michigan State Rokeach,p. In addition, both Rokeach and Robinson and Shaver report relatively high rokeach values reliability coefficients for the instrument over three week intervals.

In the area of consumer research, the Value Survey is beginning to receive increasing attention.