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The results show that cangrelor significantly reduces the rate of ischemic events during PCI, including stent thrombosis, with no significant increase in severe bleeding. The PARIS registry 30 is a prospective, observational study of patients undergoing PCI with stent implantation that assessed the different modes of revista h 2013 marzo antiplatelet therapy cessation and their association with risk following PCI.

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The registry included over patients and defined prespecified categories of revista h 2013 marzo antiplatelet therapy cessation: The primary endpoint was the composite of cardiac death, stent thrombosis, infarction, or target lesion revascularization at 2 years; this was revista h 2013 marzo in Although most events following PCI were in patients receiving dual antiplatelet therapy, early risk of an event is substantial, independently of stent type.

The Swedish SCAAR registry analyzed the results of administering heparin or bivalirudin to patients with non—ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction undergoing percutaneous revascularization between and After propensity score analysis, over 41 patients were included.

The primary endpoint for efficacy was mortality at 30 days, which proved similar in both groups. However, multivariate analysis showed the adjusted odds ratio favored the group receiving heparin. The study's objective was to determine the correlation between minimal lumen area, measured by IVUS, and fractional flow reserve measured with pressure revista h 2013 marzo.

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The fractional flow reserve correlated with plaque burden but not with other morphologic characteristics. A retrospective registry 34 has assessed the use of fractional flow reserve by comparison with coronary angiography prior to surgical revascularization in patients with intermediate lesions.

In the group of patients with fractional flow reserve-guided revascularization procedures, the number of needed grafts decreased, as did the percentage of interventions requiring extracorporeal circulation, with no repercussions on incidence of adverse events during the 3-year follow-up.

In Spain, a multicenter registry 35 revista h 2013 marzo included more than patients with DES deployment in the left main coronary artery.

The IVUS significantly reduced the composite of cardiac death and infarction at 3 years and stent thrombosis Figure revista h 2013 marzoespecially in lesions distal to the left main coronary artery and in patients receiving 2 stents.

- moisesgarnica Resources and Information.

Intravascular ultrasound image A and optical coherence tomography image B of stent thrombosis, with a substantial intraluminal thrombus attached arrow. However, incidence of revista h 2013 marzo and paravalvular regurgitation increased. Clinical follow-up at 3 years showed almost identical rates of mortality and stroke in both groups.

In 1-year follow-up, total mortality was Moderate or severe paravalvular regurgitation was found in 6.

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Transfemoral access was associated with better survival rates than transapical or transaortic access; total mortality was significantly greater in women than in men. The study compared these patients with others receiving the same valve but without porcelain aorta Figure 3.

Clinical results were similar in both groups and the appearance of complications during implantation was the only predictor of the primary outcome mortality at 2 years. The Editorial that accompanies this article proposes that percutaneous aortic valve implantation should be the standard treatment revista h 2013 marzo patients with porcelain aorta.

Multislice computerized tomography image showing a porcelain aorta.

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Highly calcified ascending thoracic aorta Acircular in appearance B and with protruding plaque C, arrow. Reproduced with permission from Van Mieghem and Van der Boon.


The study included patients and no differences in primary outcome were found between groups during follow-up. However, significant differences were found in some subgroups and these favored percutaneous closure atrial septal aneurysm, substantial right-left shunt.

In Europe, a randomized, multicenter study compared the efficacy and safety of devices used for percutaneous closure of the patent foramen ovale.

The primary outcome was defined as the composite of recurrence of cerebral ischemia, death due to neurologic cause, or any paradoxic embolism within 5 revista h 2013 marzo of the procedure. The primary outcome was the composite of stroke, systemic embolism, and cardiac death.