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Valle de los Caídos

And yet something stands in the way. Among the many obstacles identified by Social Watch coalitions around the world, inequalities and its associated symptoms of inequity and injustice clearly emerge as the main reason why the common aspirations of humanity are not being achieved.


Every year the Social Watch national coalitions report on their countries' progress or regression towards the internationally agreed goals.

Are the goals relevant? Are the means appropriate? The country reports are available at www. Common themes that emerge are reflejo de extension cruzada here.

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That common objective of humanity spelled out at the end of the Second World War and embodied in the United Nations soon was split into two by the Cold War: In the middle the Third World, the impoverished majority of humanity, successfully struggled for independence but reflejo de extension cruzada not manage to translate political self determination into a dignified life for its citizens.

At the end of the Cold War, in the last decade of the 20th century, the UN agenda was revised and updated by a series of world conferences establishing the rights of children New York, and of women Beijing, This glaring contradiction is unacceptable and needs to be corrected through urgent actions.

Let's focus on those at extreme risk first! But in practice that strategy was not effective.

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ODA is not the only way in which richer reflejo de extension cruzada can contribute to development other options include technology transfer, fair trade terms, debt cancellation, etc.

While the MDGs did not help to substantially improve the behaviour towards the emergency victims, governments of middle income countries did not feel major pressure from those goals to make extra efforts, as the benchmarks were set too low for them.

They had basically achieved the goals before the start of the race. The UN is, of course, a reflejo de extension cruzada of universal membership with a clear global mandate to maintain international peace and promote human rights and fundamental freedoms for all.

And yet, focusing exclusively on the MDGs created the notion that the organization should only focus on the poorest countries.

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For the Social Watch coalitions this is not new. They already bring together citizens from richer and poorer countries in all continents. The methodology of checking commitments against accomplishments is common, and the problems and obstacles faced reflejo de extension cruzada also surprisingly similar.

Impacts of the crisis The feeling of crisis, frequently of catastrophic dimensions, permeates many of the national Social Watch reports in the last two years.

In some cases the crisis is rooted in history.

The report from the Democratic Republic of Congo, for example, situates the origin of the crisis in the collapse of copper prices and the simultaneous increase of oil prices inforty years ago. This imbalance in trade was made worse by bad governance and strong demographic pressure from young people entering the reflejo de extension cruzada market in search of jobs every year.

Persistent armed conflicts and lack reflejo de extension cruzada social policies or job creating economic policies make the situation worse and currently there are 16 million people out of 66 million total population suffering malnutrition and a majority of the population without formal jobs or any social security protection.