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To prothom protisruti Sarola Sundari's tremendous urge of reading there had been a continuous flow of books and magazines from the libraries of the time.

Prothom Protisruti

As there was no dearth of leisure for the daughters and no bar to reading adult books from a very early prothom protisruti, Ashapurna and her sisters built prothom protisruti love-relationship with books.

Though Ashapurna had no formal education as such, she was self-educated. Though the children of Harendra Nath did not have direct contact with the outside world, they were quite sensitive to the restlessness going on throughout the country led by Mahatma Gandhi and other political leaders who were ready to sacrifice their lives to bring independence.

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Thus different factors were responsible for nourishing the specific culture which guided Ashapurna from her early childhood to youth, and carried her to a definite platform through various experiences and ideals of life.

This gave rise prothom protisruti an unusual tenacity which inspired Ashapurna to secretly send a poem to Sishu Sathi in Ashapurna was thirteen and her poem "Bairer Dak" The Call from the Outside was published, with a request from editor Rajkumar Chakravorty to send more poems and stories.

That was the beginning which developed into a never-ending flourish for Ashapurna, culminating into a permanent place for her prothom protisruti the realm of Bengali literature.

Prothom Protisruti News in Bengali -

She was married to Kalidas Gupta, and the couple moved frequently as they established themselves. In they settled in Calcutta on Ramesh Mitra Road, Bhowanipur and later in a bigger prothom protisruti at 77 Beltola Road, where they lived until They then had to shift to a separate flat near Golpark with their only son Sushanta, daughter-in-law Nupur, and a granddaughter Shatarupa.

Later, inanother granddaughter, Shatadeepa, was added to the family.

Ashapurna lived there until she died on 13 July The poem "Bairer Dak" marked the beginning of the odyssey of one prothom protisruti the most prolific creative geniuses of Bengali literature whose credits include novels and novelettes, 37 collections of short stories, and 62 books for children.

Prothom protisruti has written over short stories.


In the beginning of her writing career, Ashapurna wrote only prothom protisruti children — Chhoto Thakurdar Kashi Yatra was the first printed edition published in ,[ timeframe?

COLORS Bangla is proud to recreate the magic of Prothom Protisruti - one of the most riveting tales penned by author Ashapoorna Debi through a period drama that will bring to life the revered and distinguished ideals prothom protisruti the author.


The first installment of the trilogy, Prothom protisruti Protisruti invokes a deep notion on the slow yet gradual evolution of society in Bengal through the viewpoint of three generations of women.

During the post-independence era, society prothom protisruti facing drastic changes, and Satyabati faced insufferable struggles trying to survive while living by her principles.

Bengali literature has played a pivotal role in bringing about a revolution in mindset of the society.