Free summary and analysis of the events in A.S. Byatt's Possession that won't make you snore. We promise. Possession: A Romance is a best-selling novel by British writer A. S. Byatt that won the Booker Prize. The novel explores the postmodern concerns of  Pages‎: ‎ pp. Possession [A. S. Byatt] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. National Bestseller Winner of England's Booker Prize and the literary sensation.


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Guardian book club: Possession by AS Byatt | Books | The Guardian

Byatt provides extensive letters, poetry and diaries by major characters in addition to the narrative, including poetry attributed to the possession as byatt Ash and LaMotte.

In an essay in Byatt's nonfiction book, On Histories and Stories, she wrote: Fowles has said that the nineteenth-century narrator was assuming the omniscience of a god.

Possession as byatt think rather the opposite is the case—this kind of fictive narrator can creep closer to the feelings and inner life of characters—as well as providing a Greek chorus—than any first-person mimicry.

That is the shit that started me down this path in the first place, that lead me to make choice after choice that I thought was going there, even if it went somewhere different. That restored me again.

I felt purged, like I had gone on a cleansing diet for a month. This is the sort of read that cleans out all the nonsense from my possession as byatt and leaves me with what is essentially important again.


possession as byatt It is a species of addiction- it works much the same as any other. But for now, books like Possession, books that devour me and spit me out again remade… this is what keeps me in equilibrium, and keeps the self that I very much want to keep around from disappearing.


They are my guide back. I am keeping this one, along with others of its possession as byatt, on my bedside table. I have a feeling I will need them again soon.

If anyone has any books to recommend that they turn to for beauty and rest, please let me know.

Possession by A. S. Byatt - Reading Guide -

I would love to add them to what I can only call my arsenal. I do so hate to be predictable, the girl who has victorian and victorian-wannabe shelves, possession as byatt shelves for regency and romance and the-aftermath, and pretty much every other category that this would plausibly be generally shelved in except, perhaps, pretentiousness-that's-worth-it I'm going to have to go even further down the disgustingly adoring path and say that this is going to be a personal classic, for me.

Yet in her way Beatrice is as much a victim of "patriarchy" as any of the Victorian women they study. What is the double standard at work among these politically minded young people?

Possession: A. S. Byatt: : Books

Can Beatrice be seen as a "superfluous woman," like Blanche and Val? What, if anything, do these three women have in common?

Ash writes "Swammerdam" with a particular reader, Christabel LaMotte, in mind. What are its possession as byatt with her own life? She also tantalises with the possibility that these apparent obstacles will contain vital clues and hints … In short, the whole book is a gigantic tease — which is certainly satisfying on an intellectual level.

But still, that doesn't account for its singular appeal.