Definition of POLITICAL POWER: The power/ authority held by any group or party, allowing them to make use of public resources as they see fit. TLD Example. Both, the critique of Hearn and the endeavor of classic and modern scholars to define political power are due to the complexity of it. In fact, political power is not. An authority held by a group within a society that allows for the administration of public resources and implement policies for society. Power may be acquired as a means of governmental direction or in opposition to a government group.


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However, this definition of power is primitive, tautological and traditional; therefore it would satisfy neither the modern philosophers nor the political scientists nor sociologists.

Political Power: Definition, Types & Sources

Despite of this dissatisfaction, some political power definition the classic and modern renowned political and social theorists, namely Max Weber, formulated a definition of power similar to the primitive and bias one: Since the early years of the twentieth century, this definition reemphasized on the traditional and prevailing single concept of power over which repeated and refined by other theorists many times.

It also implicitly denies any notion of democratic government where power is defined as the collective will of people.


This belief and the instinct of domination promoted by Luckes remind political power definition of the concepts of power and autonomous will which Jouvenel argued in his work, On Power. In political power definition condition of life and social position a man feels himself more of a man when he is imposing himself and making others the instruments of his will, the means to the great ends of which he has an intoxicating vision.

To rule a people, what an extension of the ego is there! Thus, power for Jouvenel, it turns out, is an instrument of domination.

What is political power? definition and meaning -

He refers to power as the right to use means and instruments. Following the work of Alexander Passerin d'Entreves, The Notion of the State, Arendt formulated the conc ept of power distinguished from force or political power definition mere domination.

In short, she concentrated her critiques of power on the concept of power qua rights.

Furthermore, according to the pragmatic political power definition of power, no regime can exclusively be based on the means of violence, since violence and the integrated concepts of power can be juxtaposed but they are antithetical.

In fact, no theorist of power can escape from a determinate but historically coined interdisciplinary field of interpretive and pragmatic social relations. The single concept of power political power definition also logically impossible where the concept of power always needs a claimant to power, whether such claimant is an individual, or a group, or a society.

Political power

To understand that, we need to recognize how power emerges, operated and thrives. The signature of power Indeed, history shows that the rivalry of political power is inevitable. The location of man to the office and his possession has always been deployed for his will and design to possess power.

However, I mentioned that the definition of political power definition rivalry of political power is something beyond violence and war, and I must now qualify this statement. First, political rivalries are the product of differences between theories and ideologies that show the concept of power on which a regime should rely.


So the rivalry of political power is between the authorities which are different in kind. Second, various forms of political powers may be threatening each other.

political power definition This is due to their different nature of authorities which is based on the different combination of the concepts of political power, i. So we should ask what is the combination of the concepts of power?.

Long authorities have used the concepts of power as if they are political power definition and binary oppositions: It is helpful to add this definition to a number of known categories of regimes. The citizens of a small town have been arguing for weeks about whether or not to expand the local fairgrounds.

What is political power? - Quora

Some say that such a move would be excellent for the town's economy and draw in more tourists at fair time and for other events. Others maintain that expanding political power definition fairgrounds would take too much time and money.

The town holds a referendum in which every adult citizen gets to vote on the issue.