PN 68 H 74302 PDF

PN 68 H 74302 PDF

PN 68 H 74302 PDF!

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PN 68 H 74302 PDF

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PN 68 H 74302 PDF

Your best bet is to check the part number online to full text in PDF Download. Access Statistics for www. Newspaper Directory to find information about American newspapers published between present.

PN 68 H 74302 PDF

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Information about reproducing material from RSC articles with different licences is available pn 68 h 74302 our Permission Requests page.

Pn 68 H Pdf Download

With the increase of compression temperature the behaviour of the alloy is similar to the previous one. In every of 9 examined alloys the obtained results indicate possibilities for their easy shaping by classical plastic working methods in the temperature of C already.

Stress-deformation relation in compression of samples made of Ag25Cu40Zn32Sn3 alloy in various temperatures 9 Fig. Stress-deformation relation in compression of samples made of Ag25Cu40Zn25Sn10 alloy in pn 68 h 74302 temperatures Fig.

PN 68 H 74302 PDF

Microstructure of Ag25Cu41,2Zn27,8Sn6 alloy after deformation pn 68 h 74302 compression test at temperature of: The sample compressed in the temperature of C showed traces of original structure with high degree of deformation Fig. In the temperature of C, however, strong fragmentation of the structure is observed resulting from processes of recrystallization Fig.

The alloys were also subjected to the investigation of spreadability in various conditions Table 5. Figure 14 shows examples of the images of the samples. The best spreadability was reached for the alloys melted on nickel base about mm 2the lower was observed on copper base mm 2 on averagewhile on the brass base the spreadability was 10 pn 68 h 74302 lower than for nickel sheet.

The final stage of investigations covered tests for brazing copper and brass with selected alloys.

The examples of microstructure can be seen in Figure Sample after spreadability test in temperature of C on the base of: Examined alloys from left: In both cases joints of good quality were produced, as confirmed in a tensile test.

Breaking of the sample occurred outside the joint area. Pn 68 h 74302 strength for copper and brass was i MPa, respectively.

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