This paper explores the emergence of the notion of sexuality in late-nineteenth-century medicine by analysing various writings of Paolo Mantegazza such as. Visit 's Paolo Mantegazza Page and shop for all Paolo Mantegazza books. Check out pictures by Paolo Mantegazza and Nicoletta Pireddu. Paolo Mantegazza was an Italian neurologist, physiologist, and anthropologist, noted for his experimental investigation of coca leaves into its effects on the  ‎Life · ‎Works · ‎Bibliography · ‎References.


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During a time when the popular and official science and paolo mantegazza in Italy were still influenced by the Roman Catholic ChurchMantegazza was a staunch liberal and defended the ideas of Darwinism in anthropology, his research having helped to establish it as the "natural history of man".

From to he maintained a correspondence with Charles Darwintoo.

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  • The birth of sexual medicine: Paolo Mantegazza as pioneer of sexual medicine in the 19th century.

Mantegazza's natural history, however, must be considered to be from a racial or social Darwinist perspective, evident in his "Morphological Tree of Human Races. If one envisions a tree, the Aryan race is the topmost branch, followed by Polynesians, Semites, Japanese, and moving downward to the bottom-most branch, the "Negritos.

Paolo Mantegazza also believed that drugs and certain foods would change humankind in the future, paolo mantegazza defended the experimental investigation and use of cocaine as one of these miracle drugs.


When Mantegazza returned from South America, where paolo mantegazza had witnessed the use of coca by the natives, he was able to chew a regular amount of coca leaves and then tested on himself in He noted enthusiastically the powerful stimulating effect of cocaine in coca leaves on cognition: I sneered at the poor mortals condemned to live in this valley of tears while I, paolo mantegazza on the wings of two leaves of coca, went flying through the spaces of 77, words, each more splendid than the one before An hour later, I was sufficiently calm to write these words in a steady hand: God is unjust because he made man incapable of sustaining the effect of coca all life long.

I would rather have a life span of ten years with coca than one of 10 centuries without coca. He was an atheist. His advanced philosophical and social views were published in a 1,page volume intitled Quadri della Natura Umana.

The birth of sexual medicine: Paolo Mantegazza as pioneer of sexual medicine in the 19th century.

Eccentric and hyperproductive personage, Mantegazza was interested in the most different paolo mantegazza of different scientific disciplines, and wrote a great number of books and articles concerning physical anthropology, ethnology, medicine, hygiene, sexuality, but also the legends of flowers, "the art of being happy", and the "glory and joy of labour".

Among the physiological studies, I mention his books Fisiologia del piacere "Physiology of pleasure"Fisiologia del dolore "Physiology of pain" and Le estasi umane -Human ecstasiesmasterpieces of the new-born sciences of neurophysiology and physiology of "nervous" states, i.

These are sciences for which Mantegazza played a pioneering role in Italy which is still to paolo mantegazza completely evaluated.


In the Fisiologia del piacere, as well as in Quadri, the author shows an uncommon experience of the human states of mind and "inebriations". The author paolo mantegazza made a "wise and copious" these are his own words use of drugs, in particular cocaine to a ripe old age.

He was for the replacement of tobacco with coca, as he thought the latter a healthier pleasure: In spite of the fact that I have personally ascertained that the name of Mantegazza is well-known to many people, the biographical studies on this authors seem to be still rare.


Paolo Mantegazza was born in Monza paolo mantegazza He was a hygienist doctor, for a certain time he held the chair of General Pathology at the University of Pavia. In this town, he founded the first laboratory of General Pathology in Europe.

Mantegazza also engaged himself in political activity.

He paolo mantegazza Deputy in the Parliament of the new-born Kingdom of Italy from tothen he was nominated Senator. Inin Florence he founded the first chair of Anthropology and his influential position as a senator helped him paolo mantegazza founding the Florence Anthropological-Ethnographical Museum.

Intogether with Felice Finzi, he founded the magazine Archivio per l'Antropologia e l'Etnologia, which is still published. He also paolo mantegazza a great traveler.