The Notebook is a romance drama film featuring Gena The Best Of Me Official Trailer #2 - James Marsden, Michelle Monaghan Movie HD .. Mr. Stevens, the butler of Darlington Hall, who devotes his whole. Movie Harmful Actions HD Thanks so much for the full movie! by the way this movie is much much better than expectation, totally worth to watch. 9/ Rachel McAdams in The Notebook Gena Rowlands in The Notebook Ryan Gosling in The Notebook .. See full technical specs» There really are no words to describe how this movie makes you feel, but one thing is for sure.


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When she is a grown-up, she steps into the much tougher world and gains a governess position at the Thornfield Hall. She is already living a happy life when a cold, dark and hasty notebook full movie hd of the house, Mr.

The Notebook (2004) - HD 1080p

Rochester, comes to shake her peaceful world… and add color notebook full movie hd it. Circumstances draw them closer, until Jane and Mr. She wakes up one day and realizes that she is falling deeply in love with him.

At long last, Jane has found her happiness. But what is Mr.

Things in The Notebook you only notice as an adult

notebook full movie hd Definitely, Maybe Release Date: February 14, Director: Ryan Reynolds, Rachel Weisz, Abigail Breslin Curious about what has been lectured in her sex education class, year-old Maya quizzes her divorcing notebook full movie hd, Will Hayes, about how she was made.

That night, the political consultant explains to his daughter his looming divorce, as well as his former relationships, altering the names of the women who have been in his life before.

In all these, Maya has one clear, strong intention: If Only Release Date: July 13, Director: They have more differences than similarities. While he is a prim and proper man, she is carefree and clumsy.

The Notebook

Sam is being taken for granted notebook full movie hd her boyfriend. She even feels vulnerable. Almost suddenly after their fight and near break-up, Sam met an notebook full movie hd and died. This, too, teach the young man an important lesson: Garden State Release Date: August 20, Director: When his mother died, he returns home after a decade of being a stranger to his own family.

However, a bit of due diligence reveals that it wasn't just any summer home. It is Boone Hall Plantation, located in Mt.

Pleasant, South Carolina, just outside of Charleston. According to the plantation's websiteit was founded in by a wealthy Englishman Major named John Boone and came to be both a lucrative and influential piece of Lowcountry history.

In one scene of The Notebook, you can even notebook full movie hd the plantation's nine original slave cabinswhich now serve as a collective exhibit preserving and honoring black history.

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That exhibit and, yes, the house used as Allie's summer home along with the rest of the grounds are open to the public. This relationship isn't exactly healthy By the end of the movie, it's easy to feel starry-eyed about Noah and Allie's romance. After all, their love took them notebook full movie hd together.

You can't get much sweeter albeit morbid than that, can you?


But when you go back and take a closer look at their saga, cracks in the facade are more readily apparent. In a word, their relationship is volatile.