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Bailey's brothers were going to steal three priceless diamonds. Bailey finds this out and proceeds to send two of the diamonds to her two best friends.

Stars of Mithra Series by Nora Roberts

Did it never occur to her that 3 carat nora roberts hidden star diamonds are worth killing for? How god damn stupid is this girl?!

Those diamonds were sent to her to be appraised for the Smithsonian. And she thinks mailing them off to her buddies is the best choice? Why not, oh I dunno If anyone has the knowledge and resources to protect priceless artifacts, it's the god damn Smithsonian.

And I'm Betty Boop. Seriously, this girl is careless and stupid - horrible combination, really. Cade and Bailey eventually find the murder scene.


The dead body is still on the freaking floor. Time to call the cops? A private investigator should know this. A woman that graduated with top honors and numerous awards from an Ivy League nora roberts hidden star should know this, regardless of her amnesia since that amnesia mainly focused on the events related to the crime and herself.

Hidden Star (Stars of Mithra, #1) by Nora Roberts

Common sense shouldn't have gone out the window with the rest of it. I love her In Death series and have gone all gushing fangirl over numerous other novels of hers. But I don't understand why she keeps writing these weak female characters. Bailey flies off the handle numerous times for no valid reason and it seems like the excuse is that "she's a female and that's what they do" She's not actually mad about anything specific, she's just frustrated and frustrated women act unreasonable nora roberts hidden star turn into banshees.

Hidden Star

Nora has written some wonderfully strong female leads, but the way she wrote Bailey really annoys me. Brie, from Affaire Royale, dealt with her amnesia with "I'm nora roberts hidden star, I can do this, I need to do this, I want to do this.

I want to remember. I can't do this, I don't want to do this, please don't make me.

I didn't feel like we really got to know him nora roberts hidden star than his introduction which basically explained who he was. He didn't seem to develop at all throughout the story, but maybe he was supposed to be that way - a solid, steady anchor for Bailey.

I liked the way he pushed her to remember and didn't fight his attraction to nora roberts hidden star. But it was clear Bailey James was in trouble. And she desperately needed private eye Cade Parris to help her find out just what kind.

Surely she wasn't a criminal - but then what on earth was she doing with a bag full of cash and a stunning blue diamond as big as a baby's fist? Captive Star Someone had set them both up. Now, handcuffed together, bounty hunter Jack Dakota and bail jumper M.