Two pioneers of tropical medicine: Garcia d'Orta and Nicolás Monardes by C. R Boxer(Book); Nicolás Bautista Monardes, su vida y su obra, ca. by. Biography of Nicolás Bautista Monardes y Alfaro (ca). Writer and Spanish physician born in Seville to and died in the same city in Nicolas Monardes (ca. ) Medicinall historie of things brought from the West Indies London, Monardes was the first physician to write about the.


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Nicolás Monardes

And with this order they will heal, without any need of any more Surgery then this herb. Here in this Country, and in this City they know not what to do, having cut or hurt themselves, but to run to the Tobacco, as a most ready remedy, it does nicolas monardes works, without any need of other Surgery, but this only herb.

In restraining the flux of blood nicolas monardes the wounds it does most marvelous works, for that the Juice and the Leaves being stamped, is sufficient to restrain any flux of blood In old Sores it is marvelous the works and the effects that this Herb does, for it heals them wonderfully, making clean and mundifiyng them of all that is superfluous, and of the rottenness, that it hash, and does bring up the flesh, reducing them to perfect health, the which is so common in this City that every man does know it, and I having ministered it to many people as well men as women, in great number, and being grieved of ten, and of twenty years they have healed old rotten sores in legs, and other parts of the body, with only this remedy to the great admiration of all men The order of the Cure that is to be healed with this herb is this following.

The old rotten sores although t they be cankered, let the sick man be purged with the counsel of a Physician, and let him blood if it be needful, and then take this Herb and pound it in a Mortar, and take out the Juice and put it into the Sore, and nicolas monardes after the manner of a Plaster put the stamped leaves upon it which are the Leaves that the Juice is taken out of, and this do once every day eating good Meats, and not exceeding in any disorder, for otherwise it will not profit.

'This vile custome': a history of tobacco's medical interpretations

And doing this it will make clean the evil flesh being totter, and superfluous, until it come to the whole flesh, and is not to be marveled if that the wound be made very great. For the evil must be eaten up, until it come to the good, and with the same cure putting less quantity of juice it will incarnate, and reduce it to perfect health, in such sort that it does all the works of Surgery, that all the Medicines of the world may do, without having need of any other manner of medicine This work does cure ode Sores, with so much admiration: As at this day in all parts of the Indies, where you have any cattle having wounds or gaules and the country being hot and moist over much, it does soon rot them, and very quickly come to be cankered, and for this cause, much great cattle do dye.

And to remedy this and the worms that do increase in the sores, they had for remedy to put into the sores Sublimatum: And for that the Nicolas monardes had there so high a price, many times it was more worth then the cattle that it healed.

And for this cause and for having found in the Tobacco so much virtue for to heal new wounds and rotten, they did accord and agree together to use the Tobacco, in the healing of beasts, as they had done in the cure and remedy of men, putting the Juice of the Tobacco into the wounds, and washing it therewith, and putting upon it the stamped leaves of the Tobacco, after that the Juice is taken from it, and it is of so great efficacy and virtue, that it kills the worms, and makes clean the sore, eating away the evil flesh, and it does engender new flesh until it be whole, as in the other things which we have spoken of, the like it does in the gaules of the beasts nicolas monardes Carriage, the Juice being put and the beaten leaves whereof the Juice comes of the Tobacco, as it is said: And so the Indians do carry it, when they do journey, for this purpose and effect, and it does the like profit, that the juice does I saw a man that had certain old sores in his nose, whereby he did cast out from him much matter, and daily did rot and canker, and I caused him to take at his nose the juice of this Tobacco, and so he did, and at the second time, he did cast out from him, more then twenty little worms, and afterward a few more, until that he remained clean of them, and using it so certain days, he did heal of the sores, that he had in the inner part of his nose: Understanding the Social Significance of Scientific Discovery.

Monardes, Nicolás approximately [WorldCat Identities]

He emphasized observation, testing practices, and realignment of classical traditions in nicolas monardes approach to medicine. While in Seville, he wrote about many of the new medicines and plants coming from the New World. He gathered information about these new herbs from soldiers, merchants, Franciscans, royal nicolas monardes, and women.

Like many other scientific researchers of the time, his works were commonly discussed and occasionally questioned.

According to Monardes, the dog was saved. His fascination with the herb nicolas monardes him to believe that the crop had an incredible array of antidotal abilities.


Monardes nicolas monardes known to assert that usage can cure over twenty conditions such as the common cold and, ironically, cancer.

He was an expert botanist; and because of his careful descriptions of drugs and the tests he carried out in animals to ascertain their medicinal properties, He is considered one of the founders of pharmacognosy and experimental pharmacology.

The earliest book by Monardes, a survey of materia medica prior to the introduction of American drugs, was Pharmacodilosis Seville, The study on venesection, De secanda vena in pleuritii Seville,was reprinted at Antwerp in, and Tobias Venner A briefe and accurate treatise concerning the taking of tobacco London, Venner's treatise on tobacco reveals the prevalence of nicolas monardes smoking as early as Venner criticises those who "cannot travel without a tobacco-pipe at their mouth", as well as those who smoke between the courses at meals.

Nicolás Monardes - Wikipedia

He also warns that "this custome of taking the fume downe into the stomack and lungs" is "very pernicious.

John Lizars Practical observations on the use and abuse nicolas monardes tobacco Edinburgh, By the mid 19th century physicians had generally abandoned the idea of tobacco as the great panacea.

John Lizars, Senior Operating Surgeon to the Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, published his Observations linking tobacco smoking with cancer of the mouth and tongue.