Discover the lines, timetable and various tickets and travel cards for Brussels Metro, one of the most modern metros in Europe. Network map. Generated by MapTiler Print map. Maps in PDF. Base Layer. layerC layerG. Overlays. line12 line13 line14 line15 line17 line20 metro. All. Brussels metro map. Updated Brussels metro map for printing and downloading.


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The bombing at Maalbeek station killed twenty people. The incident prompted the temporary closure of the entire system, and a major reduction in service for several weeks.

A fundamental review of security procedures on the metro metro map brussels underway as of The general tourist will find these lines more than satisfying and will not need to travel with bus or other means of transportation during their stay in Brussels.

Brussels Metro, Tram and Rail Network Having touched briefly on the Brussels map with this previous postI thought it was time to take a proper look at the current official map.

Genuine antique furniture and artworks that date back to Louis XV period were selected by best collectors.

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Crystal chandeliers, historic items, baroque showcases and exceptionally luxurious rooms are worth a king. However, despite … Open Metro maps of cities around Brussels.

The frequency of the Brussels Metro depends on metro map brussels time of day and the day of the week, for example, a metro runs every 6 to 10 minutes during the peak hours. After peak hours, the metro runs every 20 minutes. metro map brussels

Metro map of Brussels

One of the most recent changes involve a large-scale reorganization of the lines themselves, the extension of the North to South axis and the addition of new rolling stock.

The most recent units come from the Spanish CAF, both for the metro and tram networks. This is not all, however, as the upgrades extend well beyond the rolling stock. Many of these upgrades involve elevators and an entire separate system dedicated metro map brussels the elderly and disabled, so they can easily access the metro and take full advantage of it.

Another ambitious goal set for is the complete automatization of lines 1 and 5, so they can operate autonomously without the need for a human driver.

Public transport | City of Brussels

The operator has been acquiring and testing automatic machines since in order to fulfill this goal. The core purpose of all upgrades is to improve quality and user experience. The largest task, however, is the adaptation and construction of line 3 of the metro.

It is currently on its premetro state, so it is largely ready for the transition, but some sections remain on the surface. Tunnels must be completed before the line can be operational, as line 3 will also run entirely underground.

This planned expansion will considerably increase passenger flow and capacity. Al least 18 more stations will be added to the system, as well as a minimum of Line 3 metro map brussels make the crossing of the city possible, as passengers could go from one end to the other crossing through the city center in about 20 minutes.

Brussels Subway Map for Download | Metro in Brussels - High-Resolution Map of Underground Network

This entire project will be particularly beneficial for the northern metro map brussels of the city, as that area of Brussels is expected to grow and develop considerably in the next 20 to 30 years, bringing with it the need for robust and reliable public transport.

The works on line 3 of the metro are expected to finish in the yearso the goal is very high.


The creation of an efficient system is a metro map brussels challenge. Among other goals, the Brussels metro aims for an impressive frequency, reducing the current rates considerably and increasing the operative speed at the same time, thus increasing capacity by at least four times.

Metro / Tram Map

Advice The Brussels metro can be quite difficult to navigate, as it has many stations metro map brussels several connections to a very large tram network.

Because of this, tourist and visitors not familiar with the metro are encouraged to have a map and plan ahead of their trips every time they use the system.


The entirety of signs and indications used in this metro are bilingual: