Dwiputra Pustaka Jaya,)hal - Lexy J. moleong,Metodologi Penelitian Kualitatif, Penelitian recently listed new products on. Lofland as quoted by Lexy J. Moleong states”The first source of data in qualitative . [4] Lexy g, Metodologi Penelitian Kualitatif, (Bandung: Remaja. Lexy J. Moleong, Metodologi Penelitian Kualitatif, Bandung: PT. Remaja Rosdakarya,. , p. 3. 3 Donal Ary, et al, Introduction to Research in Education.


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Zainurrahman Foreword One common dichotomy in research method, always having a nest in most people head, is either qualitative research or quantitative research as the two have very different research approaches.


Another assumption is qualitative research needs longer time to metode kualitatif moleong conducted or finished than quantitative research. Thus, quantitative is easier although everyone who hates mathematics avoids it which is always chosen because computer can do the quantifying SPSS or Excelwithout considering the research types or purposes.

When I was involved in this class for the first time, my friends told me that they will take qualitative research because it is easier to be conducted than quantitative there is not calculation, formulation, and so on.

This gives me an assumption that they choose an approach based on the easiness which is promised by each approaches.

What they or we have to do is considering the research type and its purposes before deciding what approach will be used. Some topics are feasible to be researched, elaborated metode kualitatif moleong analyzed by employing either qualitative or quantitative method, in which is determined by the purposes of the research.

This phenomenon perhaps as consequence of the lack of understanding on what qualitative and quantitative approach is itself. This short essay aims at giving a basic understanding on qualitative approach. Let alone, this essay metode kualitatif moleong elaborates the potential value of this approach, especially conducted in language teaching research area.


To start this essay, let me share with you about the basic understanding of research. What is searched is the answer or solution of problems which have been searched by other researchers. Metode kualitatif moleong science, everything is changing or tentative.


Therefore, research utilizes scientific method to provide empirical legitimacy has always been done and continued by the other researchers either to support the current findings; or to negate the current findings; or to offer new findings.

Terminologically, research is a systematic attempt to provide answer to questions Tuckman, A research needs to be conducted when we want to solve and answer questions systematically, or to test or measure the effectiveness or metode kualitatif moleong of a finding in the form of a model, strategy, metode kualitatif moleong, and so on.

Moleong, Lexy. . Metodologi Penelitian Kualitatif. Bandung: PT. Remaja Rosdakarya.

metode kualitatif moleong You can answer some daily questions without conducting a research, but research is needed if the question needs to be solved systematically. Other characteristics of research, other than what have been mentioned above, are logical, empirical, reductive, replicable and transmittable Tuckman, Why do you choose qualitative approach?

In your mind, the relationship is a mechanical process and can be elaborated by numbers. These possibilities give you short explanation that research purpose will determine what kind of approach will be used and how it forms your research type.

Based on the example above, obviously it is understood that qualitative approach is far from quantification, number or calculation, while on the contrary; qualitative approach is a research procedure that metode kualitatif moleong descriptive data in term of words, either written or spoken from people respondents or objects and their perceivable attitudes Bogdan and Taylor in Moleong, Because qualitative approach uses words to interpret phenomena, then qualitative research is sometimes called interpretive approach.

There is an important things need to be metode kualitatif moleong that although the definition above state that qualitative research using words or explain phenomena by using words, it does not mean that there is not measurement in qualitative research.

Sometimes perhaps the researcher wants to measure frequency of words produced by a speaker, it will use some statistic procedures.

Metode Penelitian Kualitatif by Lexy J. Moleong

Thus, the data what makes a researcher use qualitative method or quantitative method, but approach used is determined by the type and purpose of the research. Qualitative approach, according to William in Moleong is data collection in a natural background remember the example given before by using natural method and is done by researcher who is metode kualitatif moleong naturally Moleong, This definition gives us a view that qualitative approach priors natural background and natural method.

It means that metode kualitatif moleong process, like language acquisition in one side, cannot be viewed as a mechanical process and cannot be interpreted by using robotic tools like computer SPSS and Microsoft Office Excel or other statistical tools. From this point of view, qualitative researcher possibly assumes that number cannot represent some natural phenomena and make it clearly understood by people.

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Qualitative researches involve a researcher describing kind of characteristics of people and events or phenomena without comparing events in term of measurement or amounts, multi-method in focus involving an interpretive, naturalistic metode kualitatif moleong to its subject matter Thomas, It means that the qualitative researchers study things in their natural settings, attempting to make sense of, or interpret phenomena in terms of the meaning people bring to them.

The distinction between both qualitative and quantitative approach above is hoped give you an understandable view about what qualitative approach is.

For further understanding about what qualitative research is, there are some additional theories that show some particular aspect of qualitative research.

For the example William In Moleong, stated that qualitative research is a data collection metode kualitatif moleong the natural background, by using natural method.