Rivista di storia e filologia bizantina. Medioevo greco (MEG) is a peer-reviewed journal published yearly and devoted to the history and literature of the Byzantine. rivista medioevo. 2 likes. Book. rivista medioevo. Book. 2 people like this topic. Want to like this Page? Sign up for Facebook to get started. Sign Up. It's free. Francigena è una rivista annuale in rete che accoglie contributi scientificamente rilevanti distribuiti sull'intero spettro dei fenomeni rubricabili sotto la categoria di.


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Rivista «Medioevo»

Si consiglia di evitare possibilmente le seguenti forme e abbreviazioni: Correzione delle bozze Gli autori ricevono normalmente due giri di bozze da correggere. Notes for the guidance of contributors Mail address: In this case, the file should be saved both in Microsoft Word.

A medioevo rivista copy of the article should also be sent. It is in the interests of contributors to reduce editorial intervention to a minimum since this is time-consuming and involves the risk of misunderstanding the intentions of the author.

Text 1 In italics: Footnotes The following rules hold for bibliographical quotations: Index Scriptorum Mediae Latinitatis. The medioevo rivista are to be indicated in the given order: In successive quotations the initial is omitted.

There is no comma between the place and the date of publication. The number of the new edition can be indicated by means of a small exponential number placed medioevo rivista the year of publication.

Rivista «Medioevo» - CIRFIM "Carlo Giacon"

Place a semi-colon between a series of non-consecutive page numbers. Any quotation of line numbers is expressed exponentially after the page number, in arabic numerals. For multi-volume works, the following solutions medioevo rivista possible: The titles of periodicals which do not figure on this list should be quoted in full.

The place of the archive or the library is expressed in the local language. Only where the local language is expressed in a non-Latin alphabet Cyrillic, Arabic, for example medioevo rivista, the place is expressed in the language in which the article is written.


Editions of texts and critical apparatus 1 The text. The conventions of medioevo rivista chosen by the editor are to be set out in the introduction.


Deletions, additions, lacunae, and cruces are indicated by means of the symbols normally used in editions of classical texts. It makes no sense therefore in an edition based on a single manuscript; d in each entry in the apparatus, it is necessary to indicate: S subiecit P; e each entry in the apparatus is separated from the following entry by means of a small blank space: R; f when the same forms occur more than once in the same line, they can be distinguished by means of an exponential number; E.

P sit S; g the various hands medioevo rivista have corrected or modified the primitive text of a manuscript are indicated by a small arabic numeral in exponential next medioevo rivista the letter denoting the manuscript E. S2 3 Apparatus fontium.

This apparatus is normally organised, like the critical apparatus, according to the line numbers. Please note that this apparatus should be set out in abbreviated form, perhaps by placing a table of the most frequently quoted works at the beginning.

It is our practice to publish short summaries of all books received and complete reviews of selected medioevo rivista.