Keeping up with the number of editions of Marvel Super Heroes requires a bit of a review in its own right. The product being reviewed here is. Marvel Super Heroes (MSHRPG) is a role playing game set in the Marvel Universe, first published by TSR as Marvel Super Heroes: The Heroic Role-Playing  Designer(s)‎: ‎Jeff Grubb. is an almost complete net resource for everything related to the Marvel Super Heroes Roleplaying Game published by TSR from  ‎Advanced Game and Modules · ‎Netbooks and Enhancements · ‎With Great Power.


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There were several ways Popularity could change.

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For example, if Doctor Doom defeated Spider-Man in front of the marvel superheroes rpg public, Spidey's Popularity would go down for a short time. But if everyone's favorite web-slinger managed to foil one of Doctor Doom's plans and the word got out, he would enjoy a temporary Popularity boost.

marvel superheroes rpg Since mutants were generally feared and distrusted in the Marvel Universe, these characters start with a Popularity of 0 and have a hard time improving this attribute. Character creation[ edit ] The game was intended to be played using existing Marvel characters as the heroes.

In addition, the Basic Set Campaign Book also allowed players to create original heroes by simply describing the desired kind of hero, and working together with the GM to assign the appropriate abilities, powers, and talents.

The Ultimate Powers Bookby David Edward Martin, expanded and marvel superheroes rpg the game's list of powers, making a fairly comprehensive survey of comic book-style super-powers. Players were given a wide variety of body types, secret origins, weaknesses, and powers.

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The UPB gave a much greater range to characters one could create. Additionally, the book suffered from editing problems and omissions; several errata and partial revisions were released in the pages of TSR's Dragon magazine in issue "The Ultimate Marvel superheroes rpg to the Ultimate Powers Book", issue "The Ultimate Marvel superheroes rpg Addenda", issue "Death Effects on Superheroes", and issue "Son of the Ultimate Addenda".


Karma[ edit ] The game's equivalent of experience points was Karma, a pool of points initially determined as the sum of a character's three mental attributes Reason, Intuition, and Psyche.

The basic system allowed players to increase their chances marvel superheroes rpg success at most tasks by spending points of Karma.

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For example, a player who wanted to make sure he would hit a villain in a critical situation could spend however many Karma points were necessary to raise the dice roll to the desired result. Additional Karma points were distributed by the referee at the end marvel superheroes rpg game sessions, typically as rewards for accomplishing heroic goals, such as defeating villains, saving innocents, and foiling crimes.

Conversely, Karma could be lost for unheroic actions such as fleeing from a villain, or failing to stop a crime: In the Advanced Game, Karma points could also be spent to permanently increase character attributes and powers at a marvel superheroes rpg moderate cost, ten times the attribute number raised, powers were steeper, at twenty times the number.

The Karma system thus united two RPG mechanics—"Action" or "Hero" points which allow players to control random outcomes and character advancement e.

Though this system could frustrate both referees and players the former because a player willing and able to spend Karma could effectively overcome any challenge at least once; the latter because advancement was slow compared with most other RPGsit had the virtue of emulating two central features of super-hero comics, namely, that heroes almost always win, even in improbable circumstances, and that heroes' power levels remain mostly static.

Furthermore, the system encouraged players to keep their characters' behavior to the equivalent concept of their alignment by giving an incentive to behave heroically and morally correct.

Game mechanics[ edit ] Marvel Superheroes was driven by two primary game mechanics: Both essentially influenced the difficulty of an action.

A column shift is used when a character is attempting an exceptionally hard or easy action.

Marvel Super Heroes (role-playing game)

A column shift marvel superheroes rpg the left indicates a penalty, while a shift to the right indicates a bonus. For example, Reed Richards Mr.

Fantastic has an Intuition of Excellent, making him significantly more perceptive than the average person whose Intuition is Typical two ranks lower. The GM might determine that spotting a trap hidden beneath a few sticks and leaves will be fairly easy, and give the player running Mr.