Hindi alam ni Reina Carmela Elizalde kung bakit mainit ang ulo sa kanya ni Wade, ang drop-dead gorgeous at bagong vocalist ng banda ng kuya niya. When she gets the chance to be close to Wade, Reina abandons her fears and loves him wholeheartedly. Most of the Tagalog Romance novels. Mapapansin Kaya by Jonaxx. K likes. Wade Rivas Reina Elizalde. Mapapansin Kaya? Wade Rivas & Reina Carmela Elizalde. Baka Sakali Trilogy. Jacob Antonio Buenaventura & Roseanne Aranjuez. End This.


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Should she still fight for him, or forget all about him? Well, that was my first impression too.

The story is about this not-so-attractive girl who fell in love with a super gorgeous slash heat inducing hottie. So that is really a big points for the author.

If you know me well, I should be complaining right now aight? The author maybe describing its characters in a very exaggerated way but she managed to describe it not in an annoying way, like most Tagalog Romance novels do.

Mapapansin kaya jonaxx was even close to droll. And some of the words used by the author were also entertaining like this one that I think I would never forget: And seriously Wade, why are you always showing those supah hot abs of yours? What are your hobbies aside from writing?

Mapapansin Kaya By: Cleo Enco (jonaxx) Chords - Chordify

Malling, sleeping, going out with friends, roadtrips, beaches… etc. When I recall the first time I wrote online, parang wala lang naman iyon. Napadaan lang sa Creative Corner, tapos nakitang may mga stories doon.

Nagpost ng sarili kong story. At tuloy tuloy na. Up to the date, what was the story that has been the most difficult for you to write? The most difficult part of writing for me is the beginning. I mapapansin kaya jonaxx suck at beginnings.


And the most difficult story to mapapansin kaya jonaxx so far is Heartless dahil lagi kong binabalikan ang Mapapansin Kaya parallel para lang maisulat ang next chapter niya. Do you have any plans of writing an entire story coming from a male perspective?

One of the things that I love the most about your characters is that they always pop.

Mapapansin Kaya?

They mapapansin kaya jonaxx feel like they are real human beings because of how authentic their personalities are. How do you treat each of your characters? Are they loosely based on the people you know? Some events in my stories are based on personal experience.

Jonaxx Stories List ( Characters )

Some characters are also based on a real person. Not that I pretend with Klare and my other female leads but sometimes, salungat iyong mga iniisip. Not just the romantically involved characters but with the mapapansin kaya jonaxx that they have and especially when it comes to family relationships.

How do you do that?