In Spain, December 28th is a day of practical jokes, similar to what we in the USA celebrate on April Fool's Day. Dia de los Santos Inocentes. Niewinni swieci film Spain director: Mario Camus designer: Jaime Carlos Nieto size: B1 year: Marcel Camus directs this realistic examination of class consciousness in Franco's Spain, starring Alfredo Landa as Paco, the head of a.


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This occasion was no exception. I sat in the hair-washing chair los santos inocentes leaned back as the previous two ladies were leaving, kissing the barber and wishing him a wonderful New Year and exchanging small talk on their way out the door.

Los santos inocentes, Miguel Delibes by Domingo Gutierrez

I think the barber always enjoys the days I come to get my haircut. This day, we talked mainly about Spanish topics like what we los santos inocentes for Christmas. Papa Noel — or Santa Claus in Spain — is a recent observance, coming several years after the dictator Francisco Franco died in But he also asked me about our Thanksgiving Day in the United States, what it meant, on what day it fell and how we celebrate it.

He already knew about the turkey feast, no doubt los santos inocentes seeing it portrayed in movies. My parents really enjoyed the Tienda.

Los Santos Inocentes - Spanish Culture

All were ordered online and shipped goods that year. Los santos inocentes puffs from his cigarette, he and I also discussed how we were spending our New Years Eve. The barber found it interesting and said he had gone one time to Puerta del Sol just to have the experience but never expected los santos inocentes return because: He said he planned to spend the evening at home with family singing karaoke and playing games.

He finished my hair, brushed me off, I paid him and gave a tip.

After helping me los santos inocentes with my coat — as he does with all his clients — I gave him a small box of chocolates and wished him happy holidays. With that, he opened the door for me and I stopped in the doorway, spotting a two euro coin on the ground just outside the door.

Look at the luck I have today!

He asked me if I knew what day it was. I answered, confused, that it was the 28th of December.

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No matter how long you live here and no matter how much you learn los santos inocentes Spain there will always be things you los santos inocentes never totally understand. Even when people from the outside come to visit and criticize the master for his poor treatment of the family, he puts on a big display of showing that his peasants are content, and that they can even write their own names but only because they have just been taught how to.

Los santos inocentes

However, the world is changing everyday, and los santos inocentes the most subservient peasants may reach their limits. Reception and Legacy The film has been celebrated as a very well produced representation of the original novel, and more importantly, a very raw depiction of life in Spain during this time.


Both of these great works have been described as paying homage to the stories of millions of Spaniards who were suppressed by the upper class land owners who supported Franco; stories that before these pieces had barely been addressed.

The main themes of Los Santos Inocentes deal with oppression on the part of land owners of the period; los santos inocentes disrespect and lack of care for their workers; los santos inocentes humiliations that those workers suffered everyday; the lack of culture in the low Spanish classes of the time; the resignation of the members of these lower classes in accepting their conditions, considering themselves as lesser beings.

Los santos inocentes, Miguel Delibes

Technically, this film is also quite interesting. Despite being filmed in the mid s, Camus decided to film Los Santos Inocentes in a muted, gray tone which reminds los santos inocentes of some of the darker paintings of Francisco Goya.

This gives the movie a melancholy tone that is fit for the subject. The only clue that brings the film into its context is the arrival of a car from the s period.