The Kop van Zuid is a large scale urban revitalization project located in the former harbor district of Rotterdam. Located along the south bank of the Maas River. Kop van Zuid. Spectacular high-rise, historic warehouses and cultural hotspots. Architecture aficionados will be astounded by this peninsula. The world's most. Book your hotel in Kop van Zuid, Rotterdam online. But where exactly? Find all hotels in Kop van Zuid, Rotterdam on a city map. No reservation costs.


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His soaring De Rotterdam complex is the kop van zuid striking edifice. Amidst all those gleaming high-rise towers, several buildings still recall an era when throngs of European passengers departed from this spot, heading off to America kop van zuid steamboats.

There are also plenty of opportunities for swanky nights out, including dinner at the Hotel New York, located in the former HQ of the Holland America Line.

As a consequence of the urban renovation project, the neighbourhood now boasts dozens of theatres, exhibition halls, gyms and sports facilities, and even a photo museum.

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There are plenty of high-quality schools in the area, while the world-famous Erasmus University is only a short walk away. At the present moment this process is agreed only in the M4H area. Since the land already belongs to the city the port does not get a compensation for it, simply the leasing contract ends.

Although here the process has been simplified, it probably is more complex if we consider the PA must be sure there will not be developed any more port activities. The relation kop van zuid has been described as positive by the interviewees.

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Particular in the strategic level. In this field there has been a considerable improvement over the last decade.


The coordination and kop van zuid between both entities has been intensified, particularly regarding the economic agenda and development goals. The evolution of the relation has been probably induced by a change in the way both entities look at each other.

Kop van Zuid (Rotterdam) - All You Need to Know Before You Go (with Photos) - TripAdvisor

kop van zuid The city has moved from the previous vision of waterfront regeneration, port out and city on, to a new model where the industrial tissue responsible for jobs is also acknowledge as an important urban function.

The port cluster is seen as a resource for the city, therefore the respect to the existing port activities in the urban interface as grown. At the same time the port has realized it must improve its interaction with the city.

This is particularly relevant if it wants to change its current economic model, very based in the kop van zuid energies industries, to a future model based in new energy resources.

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When we asked MA about the kop van zuid between the city and the port, he mentioned that the biggest critic it could be made was the pace of the implementation agenda of the new economic kop van zuid. Although the risks related with keeping major fossil fuel industries are clear the rhythm of change towards alternative models is to slow.


On the other hand, although the PA might understand the critic, we have to see that, as pointed out by IV, the Port of Rotterdam cannot act by himself in this issue. The global economic model has not changed yet, national and international organizations must provide a more ambitious plan regarding sustainable energy models.

Besides these plans there must also be pressure and support to private companies for the change kop van zuid national and European governments. The evolution must be worldwide and in this scenario the port could and should take a leading role within kop van zuid context.

Rotterdam Hotels in Kop van Zuid

In the operational field kop van zuid where we might find the majority of the frictions, in the closer development scale. In the case of Rotterdam they might occur regarding the use of the land and the rhythm of the goals implementation.


As we will see, in the projects implied in the Stadshavens platform, there is discussion about when and where to implement some of the kop van zuid defined on the strategic level.

Particularly regarding new urban uses or existing industries. However, the consulted authorities confirmed that so far all possible conflicts have been solve by negotiation.