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In the past few decades, our world has been going kongre turizmi constant change in every aspect of life from basic daily life to free market economies. One of the largest effected components of our lives from this constant globalization is the consumption trend of masses.

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From the beginning of existence, mankind has always been in the process of production and consumption. In time, production evolved from bare means of existence to, with the industrial revolution, organizations kongre turizmi economical profit. Development of communication and accessibility of information gave birth to a new concept known as globalization.

Similar to how mass kongre turizmi gave birth to capitalism, these changes in free market trends played a major role of shifting focus from production for existence to consumption for the sake of consumption.

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These changes in economical views and the particular shift to kongre turizmi behavior have an increasing effect on prediction, selection and expectation of customers, which portrays a general map to any economical service provider. The world of consumption that is framed by the hegemony of capitalist diverts hotels from being just a location for accommodation to aneconomical haven of world tourism.

Tourism became a tool that guides and blends cultures and countries in a melting pot of intertwining concepts. The unavoidable contribution of low fare air travel, and instant access to hotel prices in the remote corners of the world changed the hotel industry forever.

Tourism enterprises were forced to keep up with the flexible demands of customers and ever-changing properties of travelling peculiar to the industry such as providing experiences instead of products. The increasing competition both local, between the tourism industry in particular cities and the competition between cities and countries trying to draw more attraction from around the world pushes the industry forward to stay alive, keep up with the developing changes, not lose their part in the market and keep making profit at the same time.

As in every industry, also tourism industry has its own goals. The most important objective of tourism industry is to keep it alive and ongoing for 12 months and over every region possible.

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In the direction of this objective, cultural tourism being the far most developed, conference tourism, health tourism, hunting tourism, educational tourism and sports tourism and many other ways of tourism have been developed and invested in to keep the industry alive and more compelling.

The core of cultural tourism has a specific and demanding routine kongre turizmi travellers to make the most of the city sights. This tiring journey brings out its need for inner city hotels that are kongre turizmi to historic sights and city scenes.

The developments in the technology world caused an increase in more job opportunities, which in relation provided an increase in both domestic and international business travels.


As the importance in business worldarise more significant due the monetary growth of capitalism, the quality of hotels and convention centers had to improve with the comfort and luxury in mind at conference centers, meeting places, and even kongre turizmi and restaurants.

Barcelona is the second biggest city of Spain and this city is also the leader in tourism. Its beaches, modern architecture and gastronomy are its touristic points of attraction.

Cs Kongre Tourism

The city is also extremely assertive in meeting, exhibition and event management by hosting events kongre turizmi a year. Barcelona which has always subjected to an increase for the last 5 years is the 5th most visited city of Europe.

Although there are lots of enterprises, new ones are put into service.

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