Maharaja Jung Bahadur Rana was Prime Minister and virtual ruler of Nepal for approximately more than three decades between and. Maharaja Junga Bahadur Rana (Nepali: जंग बहादुर राणा) (or Junga Bahadur Kunwar (Nepali: जंग बहा दुर कुँवर), GCB, GCSI, 18 June ,  Died‎: ‎25 February (aged 59); Patharghat. If only the Tudor King Henry VIII of England were as lucky as Jung Bahadur Rana, he would have had male heirs aplenty and he would not.


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There he accused the King of attempted assassination of the Prince and the Prime Minister. The Council then decided to dethrone King Rajendra deeming him jung bahadur rana ill, and on the same day Surendra was crowned as the new king of Nepal.

Hearing the news of the coronation of Surendra, Rajendra decided to take the responsibility of removing Jung Bahadur upon himself and declaring himself as the leader of the jung bahadur rana, he left Benaras.

Rajendra then appointed Guru Prasad Shah as the Chief of the Army for the operation of removal of Jung Bahadur Rana from Nepal and started to accumulate weapons and training the troops.

The training of the troops were done in the camp of the King of Bettiah who was a good ally of Rajendra. Along with this, some treasure and weapons were bought from secret groups in Benaras, Prayag, etc.

The King of Bettiah also provided some arms and elephants. A plan to attack Nepal was made.

Jung Bahadur Rana - Wikipedia

Antagonism from the Company forced Rajendra and his troops to enter Nepal. On the 23rd of July, the troops reached to a village called Alau in Bara and jung bahadur rana a camp there. The number of troops available at Alau was around three thousand, thousand jung bahadur rana than the number at Betiah who had fled mid-way.

One spy group of the Government of Nepal was keeping close eyes on the event of the rebel groups at Betiah.

They sent the news to Jung Bahadur, immediately after which he sent a troop in the leadership of Sanak Singh Tandon to Alau. They were told to suppress the rebellions, arrest Rajendra and bring him to Kathmandu.

On the 27th of July, the Gorakhnath Paltan reached and rested in a village called Simraungadhnot too far from Alau. At dawn the next day the troops from Kathmandu started firing cannons at the camp. Great panic spread over the camp.

Jung Bahadur Rana

Few armies from the King's side resisted and fought with Government forces. The former King too, for jung bahadur rana certain period lead his troops.

Guru Prasad fled from the location.

Around a hundred soldiers of the King were killed in the battle jung bahadur rana the King was captured and brought to Kathmandu. The battle of Alau was a decisive one between the forces of King and Jung Bahadur. The King lost significantly in the battle.

If the massacre of Kot had established Jung Bahadur as a dictator, the battle of Alau had helped him strengthen his dictatorship. Rajendra was imprisoned in jung bahadur rana old palace in Bhaktapur. But the Governor-General rejected the proposal fearing the possibility of the Nepali troops diverting to the side of the Sikhs at the crucial moment.

Quotes[ edit ] If you want to earn good name, you jung bahadur rana go of greed and comparison.

Western sections of the Tarai that had been ceded through the Sugauli Treaty in were returned. Henceforth, the British were firm supporters of Jung Bahadur's government, and Nepal later became an important source of military jung bahadur rana for the British army.