The Ultimate Gift is a American drama film directed by Michael O. Sajbel from a screenplay written by Cheryl McKay, which is in turn based on the best selling novel by Jim Stovall,  Production company‎: ‎Fox Faith. Title: The Ultimate Gift (The Ultimate Series #1) Author(s): Jim Stovall ISBN: / (USA edition) Publisher: David C. Cook. : The Ultimate Gift (The Ultimate Series #1) : Jim Stovall, Elise Peterson: Books.


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After years of reaching out to diverse audiences with his own jim stovall the ultimate gift history, he turned deep inside. The universal yet profound insights of his book became the keys that continue to unlock incredible new hope, joy and meaning for individuals, families, schools and public-service organizations throughout the world.

Jim Stovall has overcome blindness to become a national champion Olympic weightlifter, a successful investment broker, entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker.


Jason befriends the two, and then asks them to go to the attorney's office and confirm themselves as his "true friends" in order to pass his assignment, but afterwards Jason walks away and ignores Emily's request to see him again.

However, Jason accidentally discovers that Emily is suffering from leukemia, and sees a chance to develop a strong bond with someone.

From that point, he tries his best to help Emily have a great life while it lasts, and Emily encourages a romance between Jason and her mother.

Another of his tasks requires him to travel to Ecuador and study in a library his father and grandfather built to help the jim stovall the ultimate gift there.

This brings him to address his resentment over the death of his father there, and he makes a trip into the mountains with a local guide to see where it happened.

Jason learns from his guide that the story he had jim stovall the ultimate gift believed about his father's death was a lie, fabricated by his grandfather out of guilt and shame for trying to push Jason's father into the oil business. Jason and the guide are captured there and taken hostage by militants for several weeks, until Jason manages to ensure their escape.

He returns to America and discovers that Emily's condition has deteriorated, so he arranges for Gus the ranch-hand to host a belated Christmas celebration at his home for them. Most of us know the power of a smile, a true friend or perhaps a loving family, but imagine if you could live all that Jim teaches each day jim stovall the ultimate gift your life.

The Ultimate Gift (Ultimate Gift, book 1) by Jim Stovall

I challenge you to incorporate these gifts in your ever-refining definition of success. You will find that the small speed bumps you come across, be it a job missed, not having quite enough money or an opportunity passed by, will be just that—small and manageable.

They will not build up and pull your life down but instead will be diluted by a life whose core is jim stovall the ultimate gift on the principles of love, giving and gratitude.

A core so powerful that nothing will ever really be able to stand in its way. Every one of these gifts is in our control and it is up to us to choose to make them our focus. Doing jim stovall the ultimate gift makes the unconrollables much less significant. We often let these uncontrollables control our lives which leaves us with nothing to show for but added stress and disappointment.

That refocus may be needed every day or maybe just every year. Either way, be sure it happens. I am incredibly grateful that I have a family and friends jim stovall the ultimate gift have brought me up living and believing these principles.

But despite having learned them in the past, I felt reborn as I read through each gift and realized where I should be better spending my time and my thoughts. So this was a much needed refocus that changed my state immediately to pure excitement and energy.

The Ultimate Gift

It was an amazing feeling as I finished jim stovall the ultimate gift chapter. What a powerful gift. After all, without things like dreams, love and relationships, nothing about your business, career or finances would make a difference. When in doubt, simply thinking outside of yourself is often all it takes to put your mind in the right place.

Jim Stovall -- Motivational Speaker, Author, Movie Producer

That was all Red wished for Jason. All of us deserve to live a meaningful jim stovall the ultimate gift happy life so we must be sure to spend our time and focus our mind, time and energy in the right way to do so. As we move into the holiday seasons, or any season for that matter, keep close in mind that at the end of the jim stovall the ultimate gift and at the end of your lifeyour success, meaning and fulfillment will be measured much more by the number of lives you truly made better, than by anything you accumulate or consume.

I encourage you to live accordingly and treat this as a gift to those you wish to do the same.