Get this from a library! Usabilidade na Web. [Jakob Nielsen; Hoa Loranger]. Summary: Jakob Nielsen's 10 general principles for interaction are called "heuristics" because they are broad rules of thumb and not specific usability guidelines. I originally developed the heuristics for heuristic evaluation in collaboration with Rolf Molich in Missing: usabilidade ‎| ‎Must include: ‎usabilidade. Guidelines for better user experience on a website's front page (home). From the book 'Homepage Usability' by Jakob Nielsen and Marie g: usabilidade ‎| ‎Must include: ‎usabilidade.


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Prioritizing Web Usability

Or, on an e-commerce site, a simple category called "Sale Items" is not as compelling as seeing a few actual products that are on sale, complete with their prices. Often it takes more words and space to describe jakob nielsen usabilidade category than it does to show some of that category's contents and link to more information.

In brick-and-mortar stores, customers rely on examples to orient themselves and find the items they need.


Similarly, homepages should show small pictures of the products or other content in jakob nielsen usabilidade department, so users can do a quick visual sweep to see if they are in the right place. Examples also help users who don't read your site's language very well. For each example, have a link that goes directly to the detailed page for that example, rather than to a general category page of which that item is a part.

Don't put the burden on the user to find the item they're interested in once again on the second page. For instance, if your homepage features news coverage of a film festival, and you show a photo and caption for a specific film, those items should link directly to information about that particular film, not a jakob nielsen usabilidade page for the festival.

10 Heuristics for User Interface Design: Article by Jakob Nielsen

The exception is examples that are so short and self-contained that there is no more information about them deeper within the site. Provide a link to the broader jakob nielsen usabilidade next to the specific example.

If you prominently feature a single product, service, or article on the homepage, make sure that the rest of the page clearly communicates the full breadth of products, services, or content supported by the site unless you are a one-product companybecause people sometimes believe that the main feature is all there is.

For example, if a job-listing site prominently features three listings in the medical industry with no adjacent link to "Listings in Other Industries," users might easily think that the site lists jobs only for medical personnel.

Make sure it's obvious which links lead to follow-up information about each example and which links lead to general information about the category as a whole. Do this both by wording and placement of the links.

The link for the example should be directly next to the information about the example, while the link to the category should be offset with a small amount of whitespace. Jakob nielsen usabilidade example, if Amazon.

It's helpful to include archives to content jakob nielsen usabilidade has recently moved off the homepage.

Usabilidade na Web

Make it easy to access anything that has been recently featured on your homepage, for example, jakob nielsen usabilidade the last two weeks or month, by providing a list of recent features as well as putting recent items into the permanent archives.

If you rotate content of featured stories or products, make sure to include a link to the other featured stories or products. If the featured story will be moved to another URL after it rotates off the homepage, make a link to the URL for the permanent location right away so people can bookmark the permanent link instead of the temporary link.

Links Links are obviously not unique to homepages, but because homepages serve as the portal to the site and thus tend to have more links than typical site pages, following design guidelines for homepage links is especially crucial to user success.

Differentiate jakob nielsen usabilidade and make them scannable.


Begin links with the information-carrying word, because jakob nielsen usabilidade often scan through the first word or two of links to compare them.

Keep links as specific and brief as possible.


jakob nielsen usabilidade Don't include obvious or redundant information in every link — adding non-differentiating words makes users work harder to find the important words. For example, if jakob nielsen usabilidade list press releases for your company and every one of them begins with the company name, it's difficult to quickly get the gist of each press release by scanning through the list.