Investment plans - Compare best schemes like ULIP, systematic investment plan (SIP), pension & child plans. PB offers best Investment planning tool in India. Our Investment Planning financial advisor in India can help you meet unforeseen situations & circumstances. Leave a Missed Call @ to know. Top 8 best investment plans available in India to invest money for maximum returns. Check?best return on investment?where to invest?how to invest money.


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With allocation in equities, corporate bonds, and government securities, NPS helps you build a sizeable corpus for your twilight years. With investments made up to Rs.

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Currently, NSC certificates give you an annual return of 7. This rate is revised by the Central government on a quarterly basis.

Your Personal Investment Guide - Best Investment Plans in India | InvestGuru

Choosing investment planning in india best investment plan would help you meet various needs at different stages of your life.

Returns are not fixed and it completely dependent upon market which always fluctuates. Investments under Conservative Investment Options: Minimum amount is Rs. Want to buy that car? Every smiling uncle in the television advertisement would suggest you go for Mutual Funds!

Planning for that exotic honeymoon? Planning for a leisure trip?

Investment Plans - Best Investment Plans In India

Want to go on that adventurous trip like your friends did? Mutual funds might be the best possible solution that you have right now! Safe and guaranteed returns, multiple plans and schemes are available for all kinds of investors.

Even if it was not so popular in the past few years, it is indeed notable that many new age investors have been interested in knowing about the different funds and their asset values.

investment planning in india

Investment Plans - Compare Best Investment Plans in India

Risk and the fear of losing money aside, it is indeed fun and exhilarating once you start off with those investments!

Equities Even if they top the charts in terms of risk, mutual fund calculators still recommend equities. Large-cap, mid-cap, investment planning in india small-cap stocks are listed under equities and are often open-ended schemes.

Balanced Funds A combination of equities and debts is the inception of balanced funds.


If an investor wants to be adventurous with a particular fund but still want to play it safe, balanced funds are the go-to options. Hedging the funds together balances out the profits and losses and gives the investors an optimised return which is highly desirable. Be smart and hedge the right options.

Debts Funds An alternative option for fixed deposits, debt funds are the most recommended form of investment planning in india funds who wish to maintain a low-risk profile.

Do not feel that the fund is performing too well? Redeem all your invested cash and put it some other fund that floats your boats. Be responsible when it comes to monitoring that growth fund.

Investment Planning

With a large cap open-ended growth fund, the portfolio is so diverse that asset owner is known to boast about the variety. One can start off with a minimum investment of INR.

Top notch market performance and better returns in the long investment planning in india make it a more lucrative fund.