Creationists then proposed that their intelligent design (ID) theory be taught in public schools alongside evolution theory. The intelligent design theory (c. Intelligent Design vs. Evolution Essay. Words 4 Pages. There is a major controversy brewing in the educational field today. Scientist, teachers, professors. I have spent a substantial amount of time pondering the Intelligent Design and Evolution concepts to try to form my own world view and.


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Evolution debate is fear.


And ID opprobrium has not been restricted to the fever swamps of atheism. Educators, judges, politicians, scientists, journalists, and even Christians have logged withering comments about the science of design.

Intelligent Design vs Evolution

But why the invectives over a non-sectarian enterprise that makes no claims about the identity of the Designer? Although the proposition of intelligent design is modest—that certain features of the universe are best explained as the products of intelligence—there is fear that Intelligent design vs evolution and science are mortally locked into a zero-sum game: Next, on you claim against irreducible complexity.

Here you are completely off the mark. The idea that certain organisms have parts that are similar to other organisms no more supports evolution then the idea that certain cars have similar functioning parts because they naturalistically evolved from each other by chance.

This can just as easily support intelligent design vs evolution idea of a common designed as it could the idea of common descent.

  • Intelligent Design vs Evolution

Here again we see a strawman argument being set up. Your example of the two species of bacterium actually supports the idea of intelligent design because they are both in need of an intelligent design vs evolution of how they seem to function beautifully in the way they do.

You even betray your point in stating that the Yersinia Pestis bacterium has a syringe like motor.

Intelligent Design vs. Evolution Theory

I can tell you that every syringe I have ever seen has come about not by purely natural processes but by the direct input of a designing agent. The fact that the Yersinia Pestis bacterium has a syringe-like motor that is functional does not go against the idea of irreducible complexity.

This motor in and of itself is irreducibly complex. The bacterium has a sequence in its DNA that intelligent design vs evolution for the proteins that make up the motor.

Here again vitalism creeps in through the back door. As I bring myself to this point, I am also reminded about the many inconsistencies in evolutionary theory brought to light by the field of genetics.

These are beyond the scope of our current debate, but I would recommend Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome by Dr. Sanford for a well reasoned and well researched look at the inability of natural selection at the level of the organism intelligent design vs evolution be dependent on mutations in DNA sequences at the molecular level.

This is a very misunderstood aspect of evolutionary theory.

Intelligent Design versus Evolution

The best new research shows that our genome is deteriorating rapidly due to mutation with Natural Selection unable to stop the downward spiral due to selection costs and the disconnect between the DNA nucleotides and organism carries and its overall functionality.

This fact speaks strongly against the idea that a similar process created the genome. I might conclude by stating the fact that intelligent design vs evolution requires beneficial mutations to occur to bring about additions in information at intelligent design vs evolution molecular level of the DNA.

After many years of research, no such mutations have ever been observed to happen by chance.