Ibong Adarna – Buod – Tagalog. Ibong Adarna Buod sa Tagalog o Filipino. Lots of people are searching for the Tagalog or Filipino version of the Ibong Adarna. PAG AWIT NG IBONG ADARNA Pagbalik ni Don Juan sa kaharian ng Berbanya pagkatapos pagtaksilan ng kanyang dalawang kapatid. Humingi si Don Juan. Ibong-Adarna-Buod - Download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.


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Don Diego underwent the same hardships but ventured for five months, two more than Don Pedro and came to exactly the same fate as his older brother.


After three whole years without hearing any news, at last Ibong adarna buod Juan, the youngest and most favored son was unwillingly by King Fernando sent forth, in search of the ibong adarna buod. Don Juan however, had fortune to meet on his way an old hermit who was impressed by the virtues and good manners of the young prince and knowing the mission on which he embarked, put him on guard against the treacheries of the bird.

The hermit tells of the gold tree where the famed bird stays every night after singing seven songs, warning of the spells in its seven songs which lulls the hearer to sleep and the excretion which petrifies anyone.

He provides Don Juan with a knife and lemons [2]both of which Juan must use to cut seven wounds on his hands and distill into them the juice of the fruits to create the pain that will prevent him from being lulled by the seven songs.

The hermit then gives Juan a golden rope which the prince must use to bind the bird's legs while it is asleep and take it inside a cage.

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Before Juan leaves, the hermit provides him with a bucket which he must use to scoop water from a well near the tree and pour over his two petrified brothers to restore them. Don Juan did as was bidden and soon found himself in possession of the desired bird and on his way back to his home ibong adarna buod with his two brothers, Don Pedro and Don Diego.

Don Juan ventured for four months. On the way, however, being envious that Don Juan had obtained what they were not able to do, the two older brothers conspired between themselves to do away with him. Don Pedro suggested that they should kill him but Don Diego, who was less brutal, convinced Pedro that it was sufficient to beat him, which they did.

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After beating Don Juan to whom they owed their lives, they left him unconscious in the middle of the road as the two brothers continued on their way to ibong adarna buod palace.

Once there in the palace, they convinced the king that they never knew what happened to Don Juan, but the bird was disheveled and did not sing for it awaits Don Juan, the true captor of this bird.


Don Juan woke eventually, but could not move due to the ibong adarna buod caused by the beating. He prayed fervently for the health of the king and the forgiveness of God to his brothers.

The same hermit who gave him advice before catching the bird arrives and heals him magically.

Upon return to the palace, everyone was happy except his two brothers, worried that Don Juan might tell on them to the king. The bird then started to sing.

Ibong Adarna: Summary English and Tagalog Versions | Owlcation

Its enchanted song revealed to the king that Don Ibong adarna buod and Don Diego beat up Don Juan and that he was the true captor of this bird. The two were sentenced to being cut off from the royalty and banished, but they were reprieved due to Don Juan being forgiving and asking to give them another ibong adarna buod.


They were given one, however, any consequent fault would mean death. They enjoyed the bird, they did not treat it as a pet, but rather like a person. So they made the three princes watch over the bird for 3 hours each every ibong adarna buod. Don Pedro wanted revenge, so he conspired again and forced Don Diego to go on board with it yet again.

Ibong Adarna by Joan Makilan on Prezi

They planned to trick Don Juan into thinking that under his watch, the bird escaped. They successfully did it and Don Juan set out to find the bird before the king wakes up.

Ibong adarna buod king finds the bird missing and so is Don Juan, so he asked the two to find the bird and their brother.