Alexandre Gustave Eiffel was a French civil engineer and architect who built the famous Eiffel Tower. This biography profiles his childhood, life. Gustave Eiffel was born on December 15, in Dijon of During the construction of the tower that will bear his name, Gustave Eiffel continues to run his. Alexandre Gustave Eiffel (born Bonickhausen dit Eiffel; /ˈaɪfəl/; French pronunciation: ​[ɛfɛl]; 15 December – 27 December ) was a French civil engineer. A graduate of École Centrale Paris, he made his name building various bridges for the French railway network, most famously the Garabit ality‎: ‎French.


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Gustave Eiffel

Eiffel, concerning the cupola of the Equatorial of the Observatoire de Nice, due, as gustave eiffel biography know, to the liberality of M.

This cupola, which measures 22 meters in diameter, and weighs more than a hundred thousand kilograms, can be moved with extreme ease by the hand of a child.

To achieve this wonderful result, Mr. Eiffel had the idea to install, at the base of the dome, an annular float dipping into a tank filled with an incongruent liquid magnesium chloride solutionso that the aircraft still floating, gustave eiffel biography with extraordinary ease.

It is to Mr.

Gustave Eiffel's Biography - PARISCityVISION

Eiffel to whom we owe the substitution of the iron for the cast iron, in the establishment of the piers of bridge, and the introduction of the steel in the construction of the aprons, which makes them to the times lighter, stronger, more economical.

The launching of straight-beam bridges, like that of arch bridges, owe him new developments and new systems. gustave eiffel biography

He adopted, for the launching of the long rigid aprons, the levers and seesaw chassis, of his invention, and the cantilever assembly that no one before him had been able to achieve.

He obtained a grand prize at the World Fair and honorary diplomas at gustave eiffel biography Antwerp and Amsterdam exhibitions gustave eiffel biography and This last decoration was handed to him publicly by the King, the day of the inauguration of the viaduct of Porto.

Gustave Eiffel | French engineer |

The public will never know enough about science in a bridge or viaduct, and it gustave eiffel biography useful to let them know the admirable organization of these vast workshops where the great people conceive and prepare themselves.

We will read with as much interest as fruit the following description of a visit to the establishments of Mr.

Eiffel by our colleague of the Petit Journal, Gustave eiffel biography. Henry, on November 30, A deserted street in Levallois-Perret, a wolf's cold and a gentleman, his nose sunk in the collar of his coat, looking for the number of a house. The decor is not cheerful; it has for canvas the bottom of the fortifications and vast empty and desolate spaces.

It is a landscape of the suburbs of Paris, these landscapes where it seems that the cold is more intense, the wind more sour.

Gustave Eiffel - Wikipedia

Behind the endless walls that line the street and serve as enclosure for large sheds, we feel however that life has not abandoned this lunar site. A pipe, which dominates the hangars, spits at regular intervals into the gray atmosphere powerful jets of steam; dull blows, succeeding each other like the ticking of a clock, indicate that immense labor is being accomplished behind these walls, which are so little recreational.

The gentleman is still looking for his number and we hear him whisper: What attracted me to those places as far removed from Tortoni's steps as Siberia might have been, was not the desire to look for a scene conducive to the development of a novel; no, I was attracted solely by the desire to visit the factory from which have gustave eiffel biography released, piece by piece, so many great works, starting with the Eiffel Tower and the viaduct of Garabit, which seem, for this purpose of century, the last word of engineering science.


Gustave eiffel biography seemed to me interesting to see the surprises that could still be reserved to us Mr. Eiffel who, playing himself so to speak, put into action the legend of the Tower of Babel, less the confusion of languages. One can not spend one's life building towers three gustave eiffel biography meters high.

What work are now being done on these factories, whose reputation is now universal! That was the interesting question to which I had come to get an answer.