'A political book in the best sense - explains the most important ideas from Gramsci's works in simple, straightforward language, considering their relevance for a. Gramsci's insights into politics remain central for uinderstanding twenty-first century politics. In the words of Stuart Hall: 'Reading Gramsci has fertilised our political imagination, transformed our way of thinking, our style of thought, our whole political project'. The Electric Book Company Ltd 20 Cambridge Drive, London SE12 8AJ, UK. Gramsci's Political Thought An Introduction. ROGER SIMON.


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Early life[ edit ] Gramsci gramscis political thought was born in Alesin the province of Oristanoon the island of Sardiniathe fourth of seven sons of Francesco Gramsci — The senior Gramsci was a low-level official from Gaetain the province of Latina in the Central Italian region of Laziowho married the Sardinian Giuseppina Marcias — The young Antonio had to abandon schooling and work at various casual jobs until his father's release in For decades, it was reported that his condition had been due to a childhood accident—specifically, having been dropped by a nanny—but more recently it has been suggested that it was due to Pott disease[11] a form of tuberculosis that can cause deformity of the spine.

Gramsci was also plagued by various internal disorders throughout his life.

Gramsci's Political Thought

Gramsci completed secondary school in Cagliariwhere he lodged with his elder brother Gennaro, a former soldier whose time on the mainland had made him a militant socialist.

However, Gramsci's sympathies then did gramscis political thought lie with socialism, but rather with the grievances of gramscis political thought Sardinian peasants and miners.


Gramsci was in Turin as it was going through industrialization, with the Fiat and Lancia gramscis political thought recruiting workers from poorer regions.

Trade unions became established, and the first industrial social conflicts started to emerge. His worldview was shaped by both his earlier experiences in Sardinia and his environment on the mainland.

Project MUSE - Gramsci's Political Thought

Gramsci joined the Italian Socialist Party in latewhere he would later occupy a key position and observe from Turin the Russian revolutionary process. Together with his growing political commitment, these gramscis political thought to his abandoning his education in earlyat age By this time, he had acquired an extensive knowledge of history and philosophy.


At university, he gramscis political thought come into contact with the thought of Antonio LabriolaRodolfo MondolfoGiovanni Gentileand most importantly, Benedetto Crocepossibly the most widely respected Italian intellectual of his day.

Labriola especially propounded a brand of Hegelian Marxism that he labelled "philosophy of praxis ".

Antonio Gramsci - Wikipedia

From onward, Gramsci's writings for socialist newspapers such as Il Grido del Popolo earned him a reputation as a notable journalist. Gramscis political thoughthe became co-editor of the Piedmont edition of Avanti!

An articulate and prolific writer of political theory, Gramsci proved a formidable commentator, writing on all aspects of Turin's social and political life. In the wake of the arrest of Socialist Party leaders that followed the revolutionary riots of AugustGramsci became one of Turin's leading socialists when he was both elected to the party's Provisional Committee and made editor of Il Grido del Popolo.

In October the same year, despite being divided into various hostile factions, the Socialist Party moved by a large majority to join the Third International.

The L'Ordine Nuovo group was seen by Vladimir Lenin as closest in orientation to the Bolsheviksgramscis political thought it received his backing against the anti-parliamentary programme of the left communist Amadeo Bordiga. Among tactical debates within the party, Gramsci's group was mainly distinguished by its advocacy of workers' councilswhich had come into existence in Turin spontaneously during the large strikes of and For Gramsci, these councils were the gramscis political thought means of enabling workers to take control of the task of organising production.

Antonio Gramsci

Although he believed his position at this time to be in keeping with Lenin's policy of "All power to the Soviets", his stance that these Italian councils were communist, rather than just one organ of political struggle against the bourgeoisie, was attacked by Bordiga for betraying a syndicalist tendency influenced by the thought of Georges Sorel and Daniel DeLeon.

By the time of the defeat of the Turin workers in springGramsci was almost alone in his defence of the councils. In the Communist Party of Italy[ edit ] Julia Gramscis political thought with sons The failure of the workers' councils to develop into a national movement convinced Gramsci that a Communist Party in gramscis political thought Leninist sense was needed.

The group around L'Ordine Nuovo declaimed incessantly against the Italian Socialist Party's centrist leadership and ultimately allied with Bordiga's far larger "abstentionist" gramscis political thought. Gramsci supported against Bordiga the Arditi del Popoloa militant anti-fascist group which struggled against the Blackshirts.