"Google Scholar™ (GS) is considered to be superior to the ISI Web of Science .. It has wider accessibility and automatically updates your publications and. Google Scholar Metrics allows authors to view journal rankings and ratings by various h-indeces. Journal ranking can be viewed for the top Google Scholar metrics to measure journal impact; What are h5-index and h5-median; Locate the Top list of journals by subject area.


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GSM has decided ti create separate entries for each of the languages in which a journal is published. This decision is arguable, but at the very google scholar metrics updated, it should be applied consistently to all journals. There are also several errores related to the correct linking of documents, which point to references or incorrect full-texts.

Google Scholar Metrics Help

Probably for this reason the title of the journal presents up to three variants. Over the years we have detected cases of journals that don't seem to meet all the criteria set by GSM to be included in this product mainly the minimum of articles published in the las five yearsand nevertheless they are included.

An example of this phenomenon is the journal Area Abierta, for which there are only 43 articles published between and indexed in Google Scholar, but still is included. Additionally, the most cited article in this journal is google scholar metrics updated because it actually points to an article published in another journal.

If we search articles published by this journal in Google Scholar, we see that this journal publishes a high amount of book reviews. Probably, these reviews were considered as articles when the data was computed.

Lastly, it should be reminded that journals not always present an uniform typographic design in their titles or the titles of the articles.

Journal Rankings in Business & Economics

Having said that, there are fewer errors than in previous years. GSM follows all these precepts, and it is, in the end, nothing more than: For all of them, except for English publications these are a total of For English publications, however, it shows a total of different publications, grouped in 8 subject areas.

For each publication, it shows the titles of the documents whose citations contribute to the h index, and for each one of these documents, google scholar metrics updated turn, the titles of the documents that cite them.

In the cases where there are more than 20 publications that satisfy the query, only the first 20 results, those with a higher h index, will be displayed. To sum up, GSM is a minimalist information product with few features, closed it cannot be customized by the userand simple navigating it only takes a few clicks.

Since Google Scholar indexes articles from a large number of websites, we can't always tell in which journal a particular article has been published.

To avoid misidentification of publications, we have included only the following items: Furthermore, we have google scholar metrics updated excluded the following items: Overall, Scholar Metrics cover a substantial fraction of scholarly articles published in the last five years.


However, they don't currently cover a large number of articles from smaller publications. Inclusion and Corrections If you can't find the journal you're looking for, try searching by its abbreviated title or alternate title.

google scholar metrics updated

Google Scholar Metrics

There're sometimes several ways to refer to the same publication. If you're wondering why your journal is not included, or why it has fewer citations than it surely deserves, that is often a matter of configuring google scholar metrics updated website for indexing in Google Scholar.

Please refer to the inclusion manual.

Also, keep in mind that Scholar Metrics only include publications with at least a hundred articles in the last five years. Classic Papers Classic papers are highly-cited papers in their area of research that have stood the test of time.

For each area, we list the ten most-cited articles that were published ten years earlier.