The new FIDIC Yellow Book: It's about time. At a recent conference held in London, attendees were provided with the proposed revisions to the FIDIC Yellow Book for Plant and Design. the pre-release of FIDIC's Yellow Book ("Second Edition") was (such as the addition of a new "advance warning" mechanism and more. The New FIDIC Red,. Yellow and Silver Books. Society of Construction Law. (Gulf). Nicholas Gould. Partner, Fenwick Elliott LLP.


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As well, under the new Sub-Clause 3. Determining Claims The procedure for the determination of contractor and employer claims has also undergone significant changes from the First Edition.


Under the Second Edition, the engineer has a greater role in determining claims and disputes, and encouraging collaboration between the parties. For example, Sub-Clause 3.

The new FIDIC Yellow Book

This is a departure from Sub-Clause 3. Once the engineer has made a Determination or there has been a deemed rejection, a party has 28 days to serve a Notice of Dissatisfaction referring the dispute to the Dispute Adjudication Fidic new yellow bookotherwise the Determination is final and binding.

This is especially important, as the Second Edition now includes a corresponding indemnity in Sub-Clause In the First Edition, the contractor was required to give notice of a claim to the employer within 28 days of becoming aware of the same.


By contrast, Sub-Clause 2. The revision aligns both the employer and the contractor to give notice of a claim within 28 days of becoming aware of the event or when they ought to have become aware of the event. The change to these provisions is obvious, the current claims procedure appears to be one-sided and slightly prejudicial to the contractor.

Furthermore, the employer is now required to provide a detailed analysis of his claim, setting out the particulars of the claim, an explanation of the event fidic new yellow book the quantum of the claim.

The prescribed period of 42 days in which to submit a claim after the claiming party becomes aware or ought to have become aware of the event giving rise to the claim is the same for both the contractor and the employer. The revision to the Yellow Book welcomes the inclusion of an additional clause whereby the parties can jointly refer a matter to the DAB in writing, to provide assistance to discuss and attempt to resolve informally any issue or disagreement that has arisen between fidic new yellow book parties during the contract.


This provision will certainly assist in avoiding disputes reaching the formal adjudication stage. The purpose behind the revision of the FIDIC Rainbow Suite, and specifically the Yellow Book, is to achieve greater reciprocity between the employer and contractor, to incorporate international best practice and to reflect the changes in fidic new yellow book construction industry since Employers must be aware of the administrative intensive requirements imposed on them as they will now be required to manage the project properly in order to ensure compliance with the stringent claims procedure.

The role and authority of the engineer's representative currently remains unclear.

As fidic new yellow book and construction continues to develop rapidly in Africa, it appears that the revised Yellow Book will be in the "hot seat" and implemented shortly. In earlyFIDIC formed a working group to focus on updating its existing suite of contracts and to add entirely new forms of contract including sector-specific tunnelling and renewables forms ; with intentions to release such new and updated contracts over the course of the next two years.

This Alert provides a high-level overview of the changes which fidic new yellow book be made to the Yellow Book, its first update in over 15 years. The Yellow Book 2nd edition changes are likely to have wide-reaching impact as the Yellow Book remains the most commonly used contract in the Rainbow Suite.

One thing that is clear is that the changes are very extensive indeed, both in terms of length and effect, and whether you are an Employer or Contractor or an Engineer or another consultant, it is essential that you are fully aware of these changes when the final versions of the new contracts are issued this year.

If you are not already on our mailing list and wish to be informed of these, please contact Matthew Smith matthew. Yellow Book 2nd edition changes Although the basic nature of the Yellow Book as a lump sum contract on which the contractor designs the works and assumes the risk for quantities is unchanged, the quantity 45 additional pages and substance of the changes which have been made mean that the Yellow Book as we have known it will now be extensively different.

Many clauses are almost completely redrafted from the 1st edition text and many clauses are considerably longer than they were before, with entirely new concepts added. The 20 General Conditions now run to pages, compared to the earlier 63 pages.

FIDIC Yellow Book Update - What’s New?

The main substantive changes include: Unlike the edition, the definitions are now listed alphabetically rather than topically, which makes them easier to follow for novice-users, but the greater complexity and inter-linkages between definitions and associated clauses increase the fidic new yellow book for great care to be taken when completing the Yellow Book form.

Additional project management tools FIDIC has made considerable efforts to strengthen the project management tools and clauses included in the fidic new yellow book.

The programme requirements in Sub-Clause 8. The programme must also be logically-linked, show the earliest and latest start and finish dates for each activity, the float and critical path s.