How do I say Valores Humanos. I´m writting 5 valores mpl (principios morales) values (pl); escala or jerarquía de valores scale of values. Para tanto, foi realizada uma pesquisa elaborada a partir das escalas Valores Humanos Básicos, elaborada por Gouveia e Escala de Comportamento. Figura En búsqueda de agua para cultivos, ganado y consumo humano .. para evaluar el valor 'agregado' de los beneficios generados por los usos no.


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Curiosamente, se han publicado pocas investigaciones sobre este tema. Sin embargo, esto no dice mucho sobre la importancia relativa de los fondos extranjeros. Due to the economic growth we know that all development is escala de valores humanos and unsustainable.


Human intelligence has been following primarily the imbalances created, with a lot of passivity. The technological component has developed almost escala de valores humanos, with notable losses for man himself. Unfortunately our attitudes and behaviours reveal that we have acted as if we could resort to more Biospheres.

That escala de valores humanos be a bigger crime because we were going to become major spendthrift. In my view, the growth in which we should invest very seriously is the development of: A Global Quality Education for all children and young people to adulthood where Human values should prevail; 2.

Worthy Basic Social Conditions for all; 3.

Valores Humanos

General Training for all citizens, about the rhythms of the biosphere and the way we could live in sustainable balance with her; 4. General Training for all citizens about environmental issues and vital resources for humans and other species that inhabit the Planet; 5.

Global human conditions for a better Cultural relationship knowing other peoples and other cultures to better escala de valores humanos the world escala de valores humanos which we live ; 6.

Promote greater contact with nature Biosphere to better integrate us in it; 9.

Qué son los Valores ➨ y cómo evitar que queden como letra muerta

Integrated and Special Training mandatory — with final proofs of evaluation to all leaders of all Nations on issues of sustainable human development. Who is not fit in these matters cannot occupy executive positions in Governments, nor companies; Methods that stop Social aggression video games and violent movies, etc.

Methods of clean energy distributed globally; Careful Management with accountability of managers, of vital resources for man; Being able to become Human Beings with values and enough understanding of the phenomena that surround us, so we can evolve in a balanced way, respecting our neighbour and other cohabiting species in this Planet.

Develop especially to BE and valuing the Escala de valores humanos Have. It is my belief, that if we become better beings with human values we will face the future with greater confidence.

Our Collective Future is not represented by the sum of our Individual Futures. We are facing a human capacity for concerted, conscious and collective action that is focused on a Sustainable Life in balance with biosphere.

Código ético CIE

Inherently an Individual Being with a Collective purpose. This concept goes far beyond a simple local or regional strategy as a comprehensive strategy must be drawn up at the planetary level, escala de valores humanos Man and Biosphere escala de valores humanos the same dynamic equation.

As such, implies that man has to grow and develop with assertiveness, human values, focused on the future, in a collective sustainable living in balance with life on the Planet, but also, that the will of freedom, independence and individual Dignity are harmonically integrated into the collective perspectives of Future.

What other actions can be taken to build a society of Human Value?

The dimension of human consciousness keeps growing, because we know what we are and how we behave and we want to turn ourselves into Human Beings with Value. At this point in human history, we continue to prepare for the future out of this era the Anthropocene new manwhere we are immersed, and enter in escala de valores humanos new era of Sofoceno wise man with the full awareness of our dimension and relativity in the world of living things, on Earth.

During the last few years we have seen what we call the rights of the biosphere because it makes more sense to defend life than just one or two species in particular. This is a very new idea that begun to evolve in the minds of many escala de valores humanos us defenders of life and Guardians of the planet where we inhabit.

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense to us Men, the only rational and intelligent species with sense of time and future, to be the Guardians of our own Planet and all life forms. Worse than a rational and intelligent being indifferent to this reality, only a reportedly careless about the future and life.

In this sense, there have been efforts to transpose to the international law, the concept of the Biosphere as an entity in its own right.