Química de los nucleótidos, ácidos nucleicos, topología del ADN. La colaboración entre el grupo de Javier Tamayo, del Instituto de Microelectrónica de Madrid, con el de José L. Carrascosa en el Centro Nacional de. Las marcas epigenéticas que controlan el empaquetamiento del ADN: un nuevo abordaje para el diagnóstico y el tratamiento del cáncer.


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Estructura del ADN, empaquetamiento del ADN

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Third, since the AAV-2 vector is not lytic and not replicating; antigens may be processed and presented optimally by empaquetamiento del adn intact cell with small perturbation of normal cellular processes. Fourth, because integration occurs; its provide stable gene expression.


In this paper we described the influence of empaquetamiento del adn AAV-2 TRs in the expression of luciferase as a reporter gene under the regulation of heterologous promoters in transient transfection assays. This plasmid was used as a vector for cloning different viral promoters using the standard empaquetamiento del adn For cloning was used the bp viral fragment from HPV that contains the upstream regulatory region of the E6-E7 promoter 18a bp fragment from the HCMV corresponding to the enhancer-promoter region of the major immediate early gene 19and a 1 bp fragment from HIV-1 that include the LTR regulatory elements The plasmids are represented in figure 1.

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Large scale preparations of plasmids were obtained by growing the transformed E. Plasmids were then purified using Quiagen columns as described by the manufacturers.


Mixtures of recombinant DNA 6. Luciferase assay, protein determination and beta-Gal assay Luciferase activity in transfected cells was determined as described before The beta-Gal activity was measured by the addition of uL of cell extracts to empaquetamiento del adn of reaction buffer 0.

The conditions and results empaquetamiento del adn several experiments, using at least two different plasmid preparations, are summarized in figure 2a-2d.

La identificación de mutaciones del ADN en Purificada hematopoyéticas células madre / progenitoras

To eliminate the possibility that other elements in the plasmid could influence in the luciferase activity, we measured the luciferase activity of empaquetamiento del adn pABL and pBL in all the experiments.

As shown in figure 1, these plasmids contain all the elements except the promoter. Both constructions displayed basal levels of luciferase activity figure 2a-2dcomparable with the background of HeLa cells when the pUC19 was used for transfection data not shown.

Empaquetamiento del adn activity remains unalterable in presence of Rep78 and adenovirus 5 infection. These results are in agreement with the observation that the TRs appear to be devoid of transcriptional regulatory elements Recently, Flotte et al. However, the interaction of transcription factors with the TRs is not documented The TRs are expected to do not affect the expression of foreign genes under the control of heterologous promoters in the absence of rep genes and adenovirus