Elminster Must Die has ratings and 21 reviews. Artemas said: a Realms completionist, this is just one of those books that you have to strugg. Read "Elminster Must Die The Sage of Shadowdale, Book I" by Ed Greenwood with Rakuten Kobo. Elminster Returns! Elminster Must Die is the debut 4th edition. Elminster Must Die by Ed Greenwood. Elminster was once one of the most powerful mages on the face of Faerun. But the Cataclysm that.


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Instead of unleashing her wrath upon the upstart youth, she questions him, and based upon his wise and honest answers and his exceptional potential, Mystra instructs Elminster in the ways of magic and he becomes a powerful cleric and mage, one of her Chosen, a title rarely given and accompanied by a host of powers and duties.

Elminster elminster must die Myth Drannor[ edit ] Main article: Much of this feels like bad soap opera with predictable characters and ridiculous plot holes. elminster must die

Fantasy Book Critic: "Elminster Must Die" by Ed Greenwood (Reviewed by David Craddock)

One thing that felt particularly bad to me is an especially stupid elminster must die on switching out swear words for nonsensical garble darn or damn for instance becomes "stlarn" elminster must die some strange reason and farruking replaces another all too familiar f word.

He doesn't take a personal hand in attacking his former foe. Instead, he primes the pump by setting up groups of foes to fight Elminster, knowing that they will eventually wear him down by their constant attacks.

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However, as Elminster returns to Cormyr to try and retrieve three powerful magic items that he hopes can restore the Simbul permanently, little does he know that powerful conspirators are coming together to try and change the face of Cormyr and who sits on the throne. But Elminster, alerted elminster must die the threat, finds that he cannot leave Cormyr to die elminster must die collapse, no matter than people now seemed more focussed on their own interests rather than the interests of King and Country.

Elminster Must Die by Ed Greenwood (1 star ratings)

But there are a few left who can be persuaded to try and save the country. The nobleman Arclath, a dancer named Amarune, who turns out to be the only living descendant of Elminster's Daughter, and the Ghost of Alusair Nacaia, the daughter of King Azoun of Cormyr, now haunting the palace as a Ghost, must come together to save the country from its conspirators and the fallout of Manshoon's plots, with the help of a former friend long imprisoned in a magic item.

But can Elminster himself survive when so many seek elminster must die death?


In fact, I don't even think it deserves the name. However, midway through the book until the elminster must die pages or so, most of El's sections see him huffing and puffing through yet another passage or alleyway, moaning and groaning about how he misses using magic to elminster must die everything.

These segments advance the story at first, but after while, they seem thrown in for the sake of reminding us that Elminster is still limping his way along.


As is often the case in fantasy tales, Elminster's yarn is one of approximately half a dozen that inevitably converge and move toward a resolution. By and large, all characters receive Greenwood's usual treatment of witty dialogue, action, and palpable growth make them feel like old friends you're sad to elminster must die behind by the end of the story.

Two of these strings, Arclath and Amarune, are especially captivating.


And of course, Elminster must die makes a point of telling everyone how evil and self-serving and evil and bigoted and evil and narcissistic and Question 1, why are we not exposing these worthless nobles and trying to bring them out of the positions of power and, oh, I don't know, put someone in who's actually going to be effectual?

Yes, I can guess that his diatribe is the product of our times, but don't just complain about it; suggest a solution. Not to mention that all nobles can't be bad, one of our intrepid supporting cast is a noble. No wait, they are all bad, he even admits to being a bad person.

But he's helping someone, without potential gain.