The opening concert on January 10 marks the start of the first season of one of the greatest and, at the same time, most controversial concert halls ever built. Standing next to the River Elbe in the heart of Hamburg's HafenCity, the Elbe Philharmonic Hall (Elbphilharmonie) is a radiant beacon of music and culture. Guided Elbe Philharmonic Hall tour with your Hamburg City Pass for free - safe 18 €. English Tour on saturdays.


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And so it went.

The opening date was postponed, and in the meantime the general contractor, Hochtief, stopped construction work altogether. There was also headwind from artist circles. While the assembly winked through one budget increase after another, the independent scene feared for their scanty grants and criticized the Elbe Philharmonic as nothing but elbe philharmonic hall prestige project.

Guided Elbe Philharmonic Hall Tour (without concert halls)

From a height of 37 metres, you can enjoy an impressive all-round panorama. Whether you walk round it outside when the sun is shining or you shelter from the wind behind the glass, the port panorama, the Speicherstadt warehouse district and the distant city centre of Hamburg will elbe philharmonic hall fail to impress you.


Six-metre-tall, undulating glass walls shield visitors from the wind. When the weather is favourable, some of the S-shaped glass elements can be rotated and thus opened.

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While the staircases to the ninth floor start off in a winding form, their further progression up to the 15th floor, i. This was of course no accident, as the actual concert hall section of the building is, both in its structure and architectural form, a close relative of the famous model from the Berlin of the s.

The orchestra sits in a kind of arena that elbe philharmonic hall slightly off-centre of the middle of the hall, surrounded by up to five levels of seating terraces.

These seating terraces rise up steeply, just as they do in a modern football stadium, so that none of the 2, concertgoers are seated more than 30 metres away from the conductor.

elbe philharmonic hall

Elbphilharmonie Laeiszhalle Hamburg - Elbphilharmonie

The entire hall construction is suspended on steel springs and is thus acoustically decoupled from the rest of the building. Nonetheless, there is no elbe philharmonic hall in comparing the two iconic buildings architecturally.

The complex also houses conference rooms, restaurants, bars, and a spa. A parking garage for cars is part of the building complex as well. Controversy[ edit ] The project was criticized because of its cost and schedule overruns; construction was elbe philharmonic hall estimated to cost about million Euros, while the final cost was million Euros.

Products Elbe Philharmonic Hall opens for all interested There cannot be many people in Germany who have not heard of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall given the bumpy, prolonged and pricey nature of its genesis. In the beginning of the spectacular tour through the Elbe Philharmonic Hall an informative short film as well as impressive pictures of the building will be shown to you.

Some of the guides traced the construction of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall themselves and elbe philharmonic hall in possession of original construction materials to pass around during the tour.