I found the spot using The Days End Directory which list thousands of free or cheap camping spots, it's awesome and only costs $ [Watch Video] - ListingPro End-to-End Directory Solution - designed by Sam Rizzi. Connect Lp dribbble. ListingPro will be out in few days. 13 hours ago, RandyA said: Uhhhh.. you didnt give info about the Pete when you asked the question. If I owned the truck you described there.


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The lake is surrounded on all sides by mountains and apparently the fishing is really good.

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We saw a ton of bass boats. Another vessel popular to the area are house boats. We were literally a ft or so from the lake.

Best RV Membership Clubs for Boondockers

And the only information we could gather on their website was that there were 9 semi-developed camping locations, and dispersed camping was indeed allowed.

We also checked in with the AllStays appand days end directory there was at least one commercial campground in the area, and one BLM campground. RVs found along the shoreline via satellite maps. This increased the amount of days end directory information we could gather.

We scouted around looking for signs of campers present when the satellite image was taken.

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RVs parked along the reservoir. This confirmed both the location of a possible campsites, and that the road to that location — at least days end directory one time — was accessible to larger RVs.

Comparing two different satellite maps also showed us that the reservoir levels vary quite a bit and that some of the land masses might be underwater. But it's harder to find boondocking options in some places than others - for instance, in densely populated areas such as the Eastern United States, Southern Ontario, and anywhere in the vicinity of large cities.

When traveling in these areas, we sometimes end end up in more campgrounds than we prefer.

Finding Magical RV Boondocking

Study the directories for the area you'll be traveling in and you will notice that many of the same parks appear in each and every directory. But the discount may vary If you join more than one RV membership club, do your homework, ask for the higher discount, and check to be sure days end directory you get it.

It also stands to reason that the same restrictions will apply as to when the discounts are accepted.

Days end directory having to compare those aspects allowed me to compare the clubs a little easier. What are the restrictions? Most campgrounds won't honour the club discounts during holidays and weekends and some block off entire weeks or months in peak season.

You can expect good, well-run parks but not five-star amenities.


You may have to drive five or ten miles out of the way and, sometimes, phone ahead for a reservation. If you plan your route and your travel time well, you can certainly benefit from these memberships. Of course, it will also depend on campsites being available but that would apply whether you're a member of a club or not.

We forgot to go back to the lodge for dinner we were having so much fun catching days end directory.

Days in directory – Total Travelers

We even met their neighbor Daniel, who owns the Class-C next door. Meet Ray, sorry, I never caught his last namebut he was a really nice guy that spent the rest of the evening with us.

Select Save and your changes are days end directory.