Das Peter-Prinzip. by Laurence J. Peter; Raymond Hull at - ISBN - ISBN - Rowohlt Taschenbuch Verla. Das Peter-Prinzip oder Die Hierarchie der Unfähigen: Laurence J. Peter, Raymond Hull: : Books. Das Peter-Prinzip: Oder Die Hierarchie der Unfähigen: Laurence J. Peter, Raymond Hull, Michael Jungblut: : Books.


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Peter had conducted the research that led to the formulation of the Peter principle well before publishing his findings. He worked with Das peter prinzip Hull on a book that elucidated his observations about hierarchies.

Peter principle

The principle is named for Peter because although Hull actually wrote the book, it is a summary of Peter's research. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise. May Learn how and when to remove this template message In chapters 1 and 2, Peter and Hull give various examples of the Peter principle in action.

A competent mechanic may make an incompetent foreman; a competent school teacher may make a competent assistant principal, but then go on to be an incompetent principal, and therefore will not be considered for promotion to assistant superintendent; a military das peter prinzip may be promoted all the way up through the ranks to general and still be competent at that rank, but then das peter prinzip an incompetent field marshal.

In each case, the higher position required skills which were not required at the level immediately below. The mechanic only had to know how to fix cars, but as a foreman he needed to be able to manage the other mechanics and deal with customers.

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One of these illusory exceptions in when someone who is incompetent is das peter prinzip promoted anyway. This is known as "percussive sublimation" i. But it is only a pseudo-promotion: This improves staff morale, as other employees believe that they too can be promoted again.


Das peter prinzip competence of employees at a given level can be represented by a bell curve: This is usually not very effective, because of the Seniority Factor: It is better to have as many patrons as possible, because each additional patron produces a multiplying effect on their combined effectiveness, as patrons reinforce their positive opinion of the employee by discussing him with das peter prinzip other "Hull's Theorem".

Chapter 8, entitled "Hints and Foreshadowings", discusses the work of earlier writers on the subject of incompetence, such as Sigmund FreudKarl Marx and Alexander Pope.


Das peter prinzip 9 explains that once employees have reached their level of incompetence, they always lack insight into their situation. Most don't realise that they are incompetent, but those who do recognise their own incompetence still never realise that it is because they have been promoted, and so they futilely search for other explanations instead.

This is only because there were not enough ranks in the hierarchy, or because they did not have time to reach a level of incompetence. Such people often seek a level of incompetence in another hierarchy.

For example, Socrates was an outstanding teacher but a terrible defence attorney. This is known as "Compulsive Incompetence. Chapter 13 considers whether it is possible for an employee who has reached his level of incompetence to be das peter prinzip and healthy once he gets there.

The answer is no, if he realises his true situation, and yes if he does not.

Das Hacke-Peter-Prinzip: : Books

Those who realise that they are incompetent usually think mistakenly that this is only because they das peter prinzip not working hard enough, and so they work themselves harder until they burn out or damage their health.

So facing the sordid truth is not recommended. Das peter prinzip and Hull describe six different Substitution techniques. In chapter 14 various ways of avoiding promotion to the final level are described.

Attempting to refuse an offered promotion is ill-advised, and das peter prinzip only practicable if the employee is not married and has no-one else to answer to. Generally it is better to avoid being considered for promotion in the first place, by pretending to be incompetent while one is actually still employed at a level of competence.

This is "Creative Incompetence," and several examples das peter prinzip successful techniques are given.

It works best if the chosen field of incompetence does not actually impair one's work. Other research[ edit das peter prinzip Other commenters made observations similar to the Peter principle long before Peter's research.


Gotthold Ephraim Lessing 's play Minna von Das peter prinzip features an army sergeant who shuns the opportunity to move up in the ranks, saying "I am a good sergeant; I might easily make a bad captain, and certainly an even worse general.