TerraGo Publisher. Create Portable GeoPDF® Maps from ArcGIS®, Drones or Other Imagery. Share interactive maps and powerful applications that end users. Tips & Tricks prepared by ESRI China (HK) Technical Support. All rights reserved. P. 1 of 8. Creating GeoPDF in ArcGIS Desktop or higher. ArcGIS had support for geopdf conversion, but it did not work on USGS topos. The steps below are the workflow I went through to create.


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A single PDF file can contain multiple pages, and the format has the ability to preserve layers and graphic feature attributes and map georeference information.

Create a GeoPDF in ArcGIS

PDF is one of the most widely used ways of publishing geographic information to non-GIS users and is an important archival and hard-copy press exchange format. Because a large majority of computers already have Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat software installed, you should consider exporting your map to PDF when you need to reliably exchange a map with a non-GIS user.

PDF files are especially useful when you want to provide a document create geopdf arcgis 10 can output to a printer in addition to being viewed on-screen. Because PDF allows preservation of vector graphics and embedded fonts, it will provide the best opportunity for a high-quality print by the end map user.


You should also use PDF when you wish to provide a simple, self-contained interactive map create geopdf arcgis 10 experience. PDF documents store all map information in a single file, making it is a useful medium for sharing content with those who work in locations where a network connection is not available.

Exporting map layer information and georeference information can create geopdf arcgis 10 the PDF document, allowing the user to interact with and search through the map content.

For most cases, using the default values should produce a usable file, but you can set export options to create output for specific requirements. Resolution This specifies the output create geopdf arcgis 10 or dots per inch in the output image.

Higher values usually produce sharper images. However, this can also substantially increase the file size and processing time. For PDF, the default resolution is dpi.

Exporting to PDF—Help | ArcGIS for Desktop

Output Image Quality The Output Create geopdf arcgis 10 Quality control is intended to resample raster data prior to printing or exporting the map.

For maps with raster data or transparent vector layers, adjusting this value can significantly reduce the amount of data being passed through the output pipeline and will reduce export times and file sizes.

PDF Format options Destination Colorspace controls the color space in which colors are specified in the output file. RGB is the default and is appropriate for on-screen viewing and printing to inkjet or laser printers.

CMYK mode is intended create geopdf arcgis 10 commerical print production, when your output will be sent to a print shop. If you want to compress the vector portions of your PDF to produce a smaller output file, check the Compress Vector Graphics option.

Adaptive mode produces the smallest file size but may produce compression artifacts on the export image.

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  • Exporting to PDF

For lossless compression of raster images in the PDF, use Deflate mode. The Embed All Document Fonts option allows you to include the fonts that are used within the document itself.

This allows the PDF to look the same when opened on any platform that supports PDF viewing, even if the platform does not have the document's fonts installed.

This is the default and should usually be used. Some fonts do not support create geopdf arcgis 10 and will not embed even when this option is checked.

When Data Driven Pages are enabled in your map document and ArcMap is set to layout view, the Pages tab provides access create geopdf arcgis 10 the options that control Data Driven Pages export. It can also modify PDF documents.